Grievous Angel on Idle Hands – hottest new label on scene?

Amazing new tunage incoming –¬†yes I know, yet more!

Idle Hands is, as the better connected among you know, the fab new label out of Bristol’s magnificent Rooted record shop…


Idle001 was a wonderful bit of subtechno shuffle matched with utterly Bristolian subby skank… and Idle002 is sheer quality, probably even better! The lead cut is Atki2’s utterly RIDICULOUS remix of Hanuman’s Bola which is… well it’s so good I can scarcely put it into words… it’s a superb bit of fat, bouncy deep, deep, DEEEEEEEP house music that is right up there with Theo, MAW, anyone you want to mention. Totally on it, totally next level, if Cooly G had made it she’d the Queen by now. Awesome.


And on the flip is Dub Boy and Atki2’s Tigerflower, a great little post-soca Karnival-style tune that really sets floors alight. Plus of course my own remix of it, which is absolutely BANGING hard crunchy funky. Real peaktime jump up gear. And from a geek perspective, it’s the best mixdown I’ve done yet!

Atki2 is a dynamite producer btw, very underrated – you haven’t heard his simply awesome Time Freezes yet? Ah. Then you haven’t heard the best record of 2010. Trust.

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  1. first time i heard joe c90 drop bola i had to rush the decks to ask the name of that tune. delighted to see it’s coming out. sam is the man.

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