Chatter for 2009-09-30

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Chatter for 2009-09-29

  • groovin/lovin this @grievousangeluk Twilight Sound mix- BIG UPS fi di HEAVY skank!! SUBlime sounds… & if ya d (cont) #
  • Finally got all my old records out of storage! Been 4 years! Next tweets will be celbrations if re-finds! #
  • The police voices inside my head – roger sanchez remixes! Yes! Expect a funky rerun soon #
  • Thomas bangalter – traxx on da roxx #
  • Basement jazz – cut dis groove! #
  • Maw – smooth like this! Boogie on the dancefloor! #
  • Maw / shanice – I like!!!! #
  • Janet Jackson – when I think of you – farley and heller mix!!! #
  • @futureancient lol 🙂 in reply to futureancient #
  • Renegade soundwave – biting my nails! Roots of UK bass! #
  • Fugees ready or not DJ hype mix! #

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Chatter for 2009-09-25

  • @BasijiFuckGoats sorry, i'd rather you didn't host the mix cd on your blog, if anyones going to host it I will. 🙂 thanks anyway! in reply to BasijiFuckGoats #
  • @raggipahop for the next move down low release your vocals are louder and the backing is tougher with bigger door slams. It's good! in reply to raggipahop #
  • RT @factmagazine: The birth of funkstep?: (via @MARCUSNASTY) I'm a dubstep producer gone funky. But I play 4 girls 1st #
  • Watch out for a hot new tune from me on dust science, top techno label and home of @theblackdog. Will be a free download! #
  • @ OctaPush thats one the best bunch of tunes i have been sent in ages ! Thanks n respect 🙂 (via @sibegg) true dat. Big up si begg #
  • Hands up who'd like a free EP from The Black Dog, Carl Taylor, Grievous Angel and The Bass Soldier? Pile in http:// (cont) #
  • Erkyah badu over kryptic minds is worth hearing, trust @Loefah #mixes #
  • @joemuggs erykah over kryptic minds on a forthcoming mix for @martinclarkldn's blog. Rnb, dubstep, grime in reply to joemuggs #

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Chatter for 2009-09-18

  • Flying visit to London. On first class! Booked ages ago so cheaper than standard. #
  • Just got the confirmation through… Playing at Fabric's 10th birthday, October 16th… Big tings! 🙂 (via @baobinga)i #
  • Next 2 weeks are so exciting-playing with Pinch, Jus Wan & juakali on sat.
    DJ Slugo, Ripley, Baseck, Boxcutter Robert Hood next (via @dub_u) #
  • RT @djzinc:@Colak: if anything, the original Rave music was the first music that was neither 'black' nor 'white'… (via @MARCUSNASTY) #
  • Erykah: telephone… Chooooooooooon!!!! #
  • @SteakhouseBeats yeah @dubu has an exciting time coming. @laripley about to land in UK too 🙂 in reply to SteakhouseBeats #
  • 1992 is underated (via @erolalkan) no, 1982 is underrated. And 2002. #
  • Why haven't I done another rnb refix? Cos they're fucking hard. Might have to do a funky one tho #
  • Looks like I might have picked up another release! #
  • @mumdance let me introduce you to walk now by orbital – samples that noise. Great record! Can we gave an orbital revival please? in reply to mumdance #

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Chatter for 2009-09-17

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Chatter for 2009-09-15

  • I love Tim F (via @BenUFO) hear hear. Must send tim some tunes #
  • @martinclarkLDN underground post internet is nothing like underground pre internet trust. You really had to WORK to find stuff in the 80s in reply to martinclarkLDN #
  • great video of @Kode9 playing Sheffield with a teeny snippet of Move Down Low. 1st GA on UTube #
  • stacks of good tunes in that vid. some wicked 3:2 gear that I don't think has come out yet. I was there, he destroyed the place! #
  • The soundclash promo clip on youtube: out soon I promise. master sounds wicked! #
  • @PTCHFRKR I think there'll be a simultaneous vinyl and digital release – it's on Keysound so it's a professional thing 🙂 in reply to PTCHFRKR #
  • done this really lush groovy 140bpm garage thing that's ever so slightly broken #
  • @WebstarrUK about 6 months ago at the Tuesday club. he really was great! in reply to WebstarrUK #
  • @BasijiFuckGoats yeah there's a LOT of swing in that tune, proper heavy halfstep, proper shakes you up. must use that in this new mix… in reply to BasijiFuckGoats #
  • fuck. just been sent an atki2 beat that will destroy the world when it comes out. pure deep bristol vibes awesome! #
  • @ZombyLDN joker did a goodjob remixing the heavy in reply to ZombyLDN #
  • Crissy criss remix of deekline is hilarious. Dunno if it's actually good but I do like it! ADD funk #
  • @bat020 now I have War's Low Rider playing in my head. wicked in reply to bat020 #

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Grievous Angel promo mix for Twilight Soundsystem

Twilight Circus is a truly FANTASTIC reggae / dub outfit run by Ryan Moore. He has done LOADS of albums and most of them are really, REALLY good. Like, good enough to mistake for Tubby.

So he asked me to do a mix for him and I spent a few months last year doing it – a dj mix of dub-pon-dub riddim excursions, all in a grime / dubstep friendly 140bpm format. In a way it presaged the remix album that’s forthcoming on Keysound, where I remixed the whole of the Blackdown and Dusk album and mixed it together.

The Twilight Circus mix is now up on his site – been there a while I think – and I truly recommend you check it out. Trust me, this one’s heavy! GET IT HERE.

Check out the vocalists he’s got! Talk about a-list!

Love Dub Remix
Big Youth – Love is What We Need
Big Youth – Dub Is What We Need
Luciano – What We Got to Do (Acoustic mix)
Luciano – What We Got to Do (Zion Train mix)
Luciano – What We Got to Do
Luciano – What We Got to Do (G Corp mix)
Twilight Circus – Fams
Twilight Circus – Fams (Jacklight mix)
Twilight Circus – Depth Charge
Mykal Rose – No Burial
Mykal Rose – No Burial (Manasseh Mix)
Mykal Rose – No Burial (Rob Smith Remix)
Ranking Joe – Poor Man Struggle
Ranking Joe – Poor Man Version
Twilight Circus – Thunder
Twilight Circus – Rolling Thunder
Twilight Circus – Rolling Thunder (Parice Scott Minor Remix)
Ranking Joe – Don’t Follow Babylon (Blood & Fire Meets Wai Wan Remix – Dub Shop Style)
Twilight Circus – Dub Babylon
Ranking Joe – Don’t Follow Babylon
Ranking Joe – World in Dub
Ranking Joe – World in Trouble
Twilight Circus – 808 (GYS Remix)
Twilight Circus – 808 Dub Plate
Ranking Joe – Don’t Try To Use Me
Twilight Circus – Shaka
Twilight Circus – Shaka (Alter Echo Remix)