Chatter for 2009-06-29

  • RT @sideb0ard: Ben ufo dropping joy orbison's 'hyphmango' at fwd – amazing! THIS IS A CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN #
  • @bok_bok what are they saying alex? Assume yr with manat in reply to bok_bok #
  • Redone broken funky tune a bit, gonna send it out. Wanna do a dub mix of it. #
  • Can't decide whether to make some beats or paint some floors #

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Chatter for 2009-06-27

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Funky mix for Crazy Legs now up

My contribution to excellent Bristol nightclub Crazy Leg’s terrific series of dj mixes is now up.

Get it here.
Note that the link has changed.

I went for garage, UK funky and proper house here. The mix is bouncy but fairly deep, goes just about as banging as you could possibly want UK funky to go, has some good vocal numbers, but has gobfulls of dub all over it. I was also excited to have some drops / shouts from our very own Rubi Dan, the brilliant Bok Bok, and best of all, COOLY G HERSELF!!!!! I nearly wet myself with excitement when I got them.

Big up Andy from Crazy legs who is a lovely bloke and a terrific promoter, I hope I get the chance to play there soon.

Technicals: this was an Ableton mix that I did 100% live, no edits, including the rewinds and FX. The drops / shouts got added afterwards along with a bit of polishing and mastering. This is basically what I sound like live, when I’m doing a funky set anyway.

Next up is probably a grime mix and, if I can finish it, Dubstep Sufferah 4…

Here’s the tracklisting… there’s a few tunes here you won’t hear anywhere else!

0:00 Dem 2: Baby You’re So Sexy – Vocal MixIt
3:50 Dru Hill: Freak Like Me – El B Remix
7:00 Missy Elliott: Work It – Grievous Angel Remix
11:30 Cooly G: Floating
13:30 Uncle Bakongo: Baga
16:10 David Byrne and Brian Eno: The Jezebel Spirit
19:11 Hard House Banton: Sirens
21:05 KenLou: The Bounce
25:16 Riko: Ice Rink – Grievous Angel’s Drum Ritual Remix
29:06 Riko: Ice Rink – Grievous Angel Remix
35:16 Roska: Climate Change
36:55 Cooly G: Dis Boy
41:30 Q Burns’ Abstract Message: Innocent – King Britt Scuba Mix
46:02 Refuge: Frozen – Grievous Angel Remix
49.48 Lady Saw & Cecille: Loser – Grievous Angel Remix
54:40 Grievous Angel Ft. Rubi Dan: Move Down Low – Funky Remix
56:13 Ends

Chatter for 2009-06-26

  • @TKGMusic what style is that tune? in reply to TKGMusic #
  • @starkbotbeats uh me too suddenly stopped talking to server. Pissing me off! in reply to starkbotbeats #
  • Tomorrow the new mix for crazylegs goes up. Its big, deep, as banging as you'd want it, VERY dubby, but sweet too. Garage, funky & house. #
  • RT @martinclarkLDN: Hyped about Rinse tonight – we're all hyped about rinse tonight! #
  • @TKGMusic yes – which of your many styles are you displaying on TKG3 πŸ™‚ in reply to TKGMusic #
  • @starkbotbeats SMTP issues on iPhone getting to be a real pain… in reply to starkbotbeats #
  • @UK_FUNKY I'll send you the URL when it goes live tomorrow. You will need a promo of Loser / Move Down Low as well, coming out July 13th! in reply to UK_FUNKY #
  • MJ in cardiac arrest #
  • Times: #
  • RT @ScubaUK: Prince was better anyway. – Yeah but MJ had Quincy Jones. Off the Wall… chooooooooon #
  • RT @jimitheexploder: fuck me Dusk & Blackdown are going in HARD right now! #
  • @colz yeah it was! in reply to colz #
  • FUCK the recording of dusk and blackdown just broke. Missed all that great funky in the first hour. Bummer. Have to make do with shitty 64k #
  • @ramadanman that new tune is awesome – oity?!?! #
  • I'll try and post the second half tomorrow. sleep now! #
  • re-editing the broken tune #
  • RT @tom_watson: Most devoted fan video award? Thriller. In Lego. #
  • RT @davidhepworth: Not many people remember that Steven Wells used to be a regular on "Whistle Test". Oh yeah! I'd forgotten that #
  • RT @crazylegsclub: CRAZYLEGS 002: mixed by Grievous Angel – OUT NOw!!! GO RT! It's worth a listen #
  • RT @baobinga: FREE Baobinga breakstep riddim – – and don't forget the Derrick Carter mix – πŸ™‚ #
  • @dub_u big up fella, when we going to get a new mix from you? in reply to dub_u #

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β€œSo, let’s sum up. You’ve spent the last 4 years of your life taking a job from an American while relentlessly shitting on the country that welcomed you in. And now you want sympathy?”

Steven Wells is dead. This is a bummer. A great writer who I totally lost track of. I used to see him at gigs in the 80s and chat to him while buying his fanzine. He was a cool bloke, really nice. Now his dead.

The headline is one of the comments on one of his startling frank but incredibly funny stories about his terminal cancer for the Philadelphia weekly.

He is genuinely much missed.

Chatter for 2009-06-25

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Hollow Earth on soft synth controllers changing the face of music

Hollow Earth
“I suspect Zomby’s more recent stuff is using similar techniques, even if he’s using a controller to manipulate samples (as opposed to a Soft Synth) from within a PC. It’s the new face of electronic music and a weird flashback to how the control surface of the TB-303 was an escape route from the struggle of programming FM synthesis for DJ Pierre et al.”

Errr… I cannot recall a time when soft synths have not been controlled by external boxes, nor when this didn’t have a transformative effect on music-making. Not necessarily a GOOD effect, but a transformative one. Matt may not have been into music making long enough (his recent releases are great BTW!) to remember things like the Fat Boy controller, which mapped to rebirth and indeed all kinds of other things. Or indeed the original novation bass synth, which i have somewhere and whose knobs were often used to control Β soft synths. I don’t think it’s that big a deal – I don’t dispute any of his empirical evidence, FlyLo etc, but I think a Β lot of people have been doing that stuff for a long time.

But Matt is quite right to point to workflow as a driver of innovation. I think something like ableton and its open-ended triggering, re-sampling, synthesising and tweaking is also transformative. And what does that approach remind us of? Well, probably Orbital’s use of multiple Alesis hardware sequencers that they used to cut up the sequences driving their synths, live…