Loser / Move Down Low funky remixes on pre-order at Red Eye Records

You might want to know that you can pre-order the Loser / Move Down Low release at Red Eye already. Catalogue number 21483, listed as BUBBLEZ : Move Down Low / Loser : DEVOTIONAL DUBZ, ERZULIE 02. It’s not back from pressing yet but there won’t be many about so you might want to get in early.

This is the tune that The Guardian wrote about a while back, and which more importantly Kode 9, Dub Boy, Atki2 etc have been hammering for months. If you saw Kode play at El B’s FWD launch party you’ll have seen how both of these tunes move a floor – or at least they do on the Plastic People sound system!

Bubblez is the new name for funky bootz.

Hold tight for the Ice Rink / Riko remix – it won’t be coming out and not many people will be getting it, but you’ll hear it in the clubs soon.

Big up…

via 2 Dubstep | Red Eye Records.