Dirty Face: A series of 10 10-minute mini-mixes

I did 10 10-minute sound tracks to videos of graffitti artists, for the graf / street art collective Dirty Face. Check out (and buy!) Dirty Face’s fantastic t-shirts here. The videos had an amazing story – Dirty Face organised a 10 day festival at Sheffield’s brilliant Bank Street Arts centre, where they got top graffiti artists in and over 10 days, they would each paint a wall in a day… the same wall, mind, with their work being white-washed over the top! Dirty Face video’ed each day, and did a 10 minute time-lapsed edit for me to work to. These videos and their soundtracks unfortunately haven’t surfaced yet, so I’m putting these little mixes out there, on their own. They’;re really nice, fully-rounded despite being short, yet easily consumed because they don’t hang around long. There’s a range of genres in there and, frankly, theres some lovely moments in there.

Here’s the first one: Day 1 – Matt Sewell:


Tracklisting is:

Lukid: On_and_on

Scuba: Ruby

Lorn: Cherry Moon

Hudson Mohawke: Fuse


The tunes here are nicely atmostpheric and melodic but they’ve still got a lot of welly… I’ve put layers of dub fx and filtering on top too…

Check it, you’ll like it 🙂




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