New Grime Mix

grime volume 2

I’ve done a new grime mix 🙂

I’m putting it up for solstice, this is great midsummer music.

Grime Volume 2 Mixed By Grievous Angel

It’s here:

It’ll be up on my increasingly active Soundcloud page as well soon. Should be going out as a podcast on iTunes too (if that’s working yet).


Wiley Kat: Frostbite. Wiley Kat Records 2003

DJ Charmzy: Roller Coaster. Black Ops 2004

Youngstar: BongCat. DDJs Productions 2004

Jammer / Neckle Camp: Drive By. Neckle Records 2006

Slew Dem / Jammer: We Ain’t Got Time. Neckle Records 2006

Wiley: Eskiboy Remix. Southside Records 2006


Big$hot: Glitch. Southside Recordings 2003

Ruff Sqwad / Dirty Danger: RSMD Instrumental. No Hats No Hoods 2008

Dirty Danger / Ruff Sqwad: RSMD Vocal

Rossi B & Luca Feat. NASTY: Run For Cover. White 2005

Slew Dem / Spooky: Da Firing Range. Slew Dem Productions 2005

Wiley feat Jookie Mundo: I Got Lyrics. Southside Records 2006

Danny Weed: Kick Off. Dump Valve Recordings 2006

Rossi B and Luca: Nobody Knows. Heavy Artillery 2007

Slew Dem Feat Wiley, Skepta, Chronik & Esko: Bumbaclart Badman. Slew Dem Productions 2007

Starfox: Jumanji. Slimzos Recordings 2004

Slew Dem feat Angry , Chronik, Murkleman, Sickman , Skepta: Relay. Slew Dem Productions 2007

It’s a 46 minute, 105Mb 320.


Grievous Angel Interview and Mix for INVERTED AUDIO

My interview with Inverted Audio is now up. It’s here. PLUS, my new mix for Inverted Audio is also now up. This is the follow up to the Dub Tech mix from February – only all digital instead of all vinyl (and all the better for it).

It’s very percussive, deep, techy dubstep – the signature tunes here are probably from Peverelist and Ramadanman so that gives you an idea of what to expect. Plus a bit of techno-y funky, some future garage, some 3:2 to start, and a cheeky bit of r’n’b over thdriving 4×4. I am REALLY pleased with it. There are a couple of nice little dubs from Paul Hotflush on there that not many people have too.

Track list is in the lyrics tab but it’s here for your convenience:

Narcossist: Metronome (Grievous Angel Remix)
Grievous Angel: Culture Killer (Discomix)
Scuba: Klinik
Scuba: Volt
Untold: Dante
Pangaea: You And I
23Hz & Numaestro: Zumo (Sully Remix)
Ramadanman: Revenue
Peverelist: Infinity is Now
Ramadanman: Blimey
SP:MC Taiko Dub
Landslide: Parables (Ramadanman Instrumental Mix)
Kode 9 Vs LD: Bad
Cooly G: Dis Boy
Dfrnt: Headspace (Scuba Version)
Si Begg: I Do Not Dream (Scuba)
Uncle Bakongo: Baga
Jill Scott: A Long Walk
2562: Enforcers
Cooly G: Love Dub Refix

Chatter for 2009-10-21

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Chatter for 2009-10-20

  • he's still ALL CAPS (via @gervasedewilde) all caps no goodz #
  • @LoufromBilbao get yr Twitter friends to quite it unattributed 🙂 in reply to LoufromBilbao #
  • Everyone checked Idle Hands, the hot new label out of Bristol's wonderful Rooted Records? Heavy post garage / funky / 'step business. #
  • @boomnoise wow. just 1 of those influences is usually enough! respect in reply to boomnoise #
  • @LoufromBilbao yup, non attributable precis FTW 🙂 in reply to LoufromBilbao #
  • @donrosco it's through baked goods so it should be easy to get hold of. Will be in at boomkat, rooted, juno etc. No direct – too lazy! in reply to donrosco #
  • New dirty rnb dub tune at 140… Girl you know it's true… Sounding really grimey and fat #
  • New broken techno thing us good but a bit, well, fucked #

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Chatter for 2009-10-19

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Chatter for 2009-10-18

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Chatter for 2009-10-17

  • So. Have time tonight. Do I finish more tunes? Or spin old house records? Suspect the latter :). #
  • Actually, last nite was a very crunchy halfstep ting called girl u know it's true. It's unoriginal but it's great! I think. Garage versh too #
  • Did a fantastic vinyl mix of 90s house tonight. Recording fucked up 🙁 #
  • @cntrstdj what was breakage like then? in reply to cntrstdj #
  • @UnknownSoulja wicked. Loser is such a choon! But move down low VIP is better 🙂 in reply to UnknownSoulja #
  • @SteakhouseBeats I'll probably have another go at the 90s house mix. Was bummed to find it was borked cos it was really fluid! in reply to SteakhouseBeats #
  • Lv and @rubidan have done a fantastic karnival style funky / garage tune with a dubstep flip. Looking for a home. Djs holla for a copy #
  • At climbing wall with couple of kids. Waiting in crisp air for it to open. Get it together hippies! #
  • Cup of tea and Synth Britannia again (via @TheBlackDog) japan's ghosts was fantastic #

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Chatter for 2009-10-16

  • @EmmaLWarren hello! 🙂 #
  • Saturday November 14. Dark crystal. Corporation, Sheffield, upstairs. Distance headlining. Grievous angel suporting. Big night. #
  • rolling live on til 10pm (via @BenUFO) #
  • NP, to prove @Mentazm wrong: Come Together <sigh> (via @humbert15) did a good jungle mix of that a few years back #
  • Today's luxury: savoury cheese and bacon sub. Greggs of course. Yummy. Considering a Rioja and a steak and ale pie for later. #
  • @humbert15 lol yeah thought you might have my rnx of come together, was popular at the time! 🙂 in reply to humbert15 #
  • @MARCUSNASTY blessups, tunes should be heading to your inbox. (via @baobinga) these tunes are worth hearing, really work the floor #

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Chatter for 2009-10-15

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Chatter for 2009-10-14

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