Review of the year, 2004

Band of the year: Scissor Sisters. It’s all about TUNES!

Record of the year: anything on the Pepper Seed rhythm

Mix of the year: the Soundmurderer Live in NYC mix, or Bailey’s Old Skool sessions on OneXtra, or the Kid Chamaeleon one

Album of the year:
MJ Cole — Back to Mine: didn’t come out in 04 but it’s what we’ve been listening to (and dancing to) more than anything else
Lila Downs — Una Sangre: amazing Mexican folk singer with extraordinary emotional range

Surprise of the Year:
Goldie Looking Chain. A good joke well told. No, they don’t irritate me.

Tech of the year:Pioneer DV-575 DVD player, absolutely as good as it’s cracked up to be, flawless reproduction, makes Oceans 11 and the West Wing totally enjoyable. Tough choice between this and the G5 plus OSX plus LCD screen combo, which has been a dream to play with. I’m looking forward to SX3 too. But I’m still looking for decent speakers — good for reggae and surround sound, but child-friendly and TV-safe.

Highlights of 20041. You can’t beat a new baby — and Malachy’s begun to smile, and let me stop him crying sometimes, so things are definitely improving. No more for us though!
2. Getting played on the radio, reviewed in the Wire, and getting emails from cool and / or famous people bigging up my music
3. Seeing John loads (and working with him on a forthcoming mix which you’re going to love!)
4. Not working for a good portion of the year and spemding loads of time with my family but still making enough to get by, and having a LOT of fun when I am working
5. Being involved in the Dust label — Sheffield techno at its finest. It’s so close now, first release — from the Black Dog! — in January.
6. Hearing THE BEST DANCEHALL RECORDS EVER MADE while staying at John’s house. Night after night. For months.
7. Not buying any records, at all

Lowlights of 2004
1. Failing to enjoy as much as I should the experience of not working — cos when the work happens, it’s all-consuming
2. Still addicted to nicotine
3. Being away from home, night after night, for months
4. Not buying any records, at all