last weekend for FREE dust science ep

after years of involvement in dust science I am delighted to now be one of their artists! And I am part of a corking free ep – but hurry to get it…

here’s the info…

To celebrate the label relaunch, Dust Science has a new EP of established and new artists who are based in the label’s hometown of Sheffield (UK). The “In The North EP” seeks to re-establish Sheffield’s reputation as the touchstone of high quality electronic musical innovation.

The Black Dog offer Tesco, a chunky, rolling tech-house with delightful Sheffield-style hooky pads. Carl Taylor’s Walk On By is a moody slice of Omar S-style electronic soul. New signing Grievous Angel, whose dubstep, garage and uk funky releases have torn up pirate radio and dancefloors for the last three years, delivers a heavily swung slice of percussive, techy dubstep. Youthful wobble mentalist The Bass Soldier provides a heavy slice of electro-soaked gutter house that will literally shake the room into life.


A1. The Black Dog – Tesco (Dark House)

A2. Carl Taylor – Walk On By

B1. Grievous Angel – Show Love v1

B2. The Bass Soldier – You Still Live With Your Mum


This release is now available as a free download at: . Want some full fat WAV files? Well, you can get those Here

Grievous Angel Radio One Mix now up as mp3

MP3 of the mix for Radio One with Soundclash and a bit of Harpy in it. Only 15 minutes but worth hearing.
39 Mb MP3.


Grievous Angel – ‘I Love Dem’ (Devotional Dubz)
Toasty – ‘Knowledge’ [Untold Remix] (Hotflush)
Grievous Angel – ‘Culture Killer’ [Discomix]
Joy Orbison – ‘Hyph Mngo’ (Hotflush)
Narcossist – ‘Metronome’ [Grievous Angel remix] (White Label)
Grievous Angel ft. Rubi Dan – ‘Move Down Low’ [VIP mix] (White Label)
Pearson Sound – ‘Wad’ (Soul Jazz)
Grievous Angel – ‘Harpy’ (Keysound)
Big$hot – ‘Glitch’ (White)
Naphta – ‘Soundclash1’ [Grievous Angel Remix] (Keysound)
23Hz Vs Numaestro – ‘Zuno’ [Sully Remix] (White Label)

Margins Music Redux: Video Preview

Blackdown and Dusk have cooked up a neat little preview video for Margins Music Redux or, as I like to call it…


It gives you a fair idea of what it’s like… but the actual mix is much better… it’s a real headfuck. Disorientating…

Soundclash bigged up by Boomkat

Niiice review from Boomkat! Pleased with that.


Soundclash is the best thing I’ve ever done. Maybe the best thing I’ll ever do. It’s massive, it moves the crowd every time people play it. But it’s a choon – a song – it’s not a mix tool, though Atki2 uses it that way, it’s a record that people connect to. It’s worth having.

Harpy compared to Wiley… like that… Harpy’s arpeggiated heavy jazz wonk out of eski-bizniz… I’ll take that…

Soundclash full release is here

Soundclash artwork is here. It looks amazing. The photography was specially comissioned and is of a little corner of London that us of great personal and psychogeographical importance to me. Very happy about this!

Chatter for 2009-10-21

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Chatter for 2009-10-20

  • he's still ALL CAPS (via @gervasedewilde) all caps no goodz #
  • @LoufromBilbao get yr Twitter friends to quite it unattributed 🙂 in reply to LoufromBilbao #
  • Everyone checked Idle Hands, the hot new label out of Bristol's wonderful Rooted Records? Heavy post garage / funky / 'step business. #
  • @boomnoise wow. just 1 of those influences is usually enough! respect in reply to boomnoise #
  • @LoufromBilbao yup, non attributable precis FTW 🙂 in reply to LoufromBilbao #
  • @donrosco it's through baked goods so it should be easy to get hold of. Will be in at boomkat, rooted, juno etc. No direct – too lazy! in reply to donrosco #
  • New dirty rnb dub tune at 140… Girl you know it's true… Sounding really grimey and fat #
  • New broken techno thing us good but a bit, well, fucked #

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Ice Rink Funky Remix ERZULIE03 dropping soon


The next Grievous Angel release in my guise as BUBBLEZ is about to drop on Devotional Dubz… my third release on my own 100% bootleg label is the funky remix of Wiley’s magnificent ICE RINK featuring Riko. I reckon this is the ultimate UK gun man tune in any genre and definitely the ultimate funky gun man tune. Serious Ogun business.

As you know this has been caned already by loads of top DJs… FACT Magazine already covered it as a track of the week… It’s a good tune. And it has to be. Ice Rink is one of THE seminal grime tracks, it’s just awesome. Here’s video of the original with Kano et al.

Anyway. It’s out soon. Well it should be, I’ve had the TPs and they sound alright so it shouldn’t be long. There won’t be many of them and there won’t be a repress.

Audio in the CrazyLegs mix I did here.

I’ll let you know when it drops.