Chatter for 2009-10-20

  • he's still ALL CAPS (via @gervasedewilde) all caps no goodz #
  • @LoufromBilbao get yr Twitter friends to quite it unattributed 🙂 in reply to LoufromBilbao #
  • Everyone checked Idle Hands, the hot new label out of Bristol's wonderful Rooted Records? Heavy post garage / funky / 'step business. #
  • @boomnoise wow. just 1 of those influences is usually enough! respect in reply to boomnoise #
  • @LoufromBilbao yup, non attributable precis FTW 🙂 in reply to LoufromBilbao #
  • @donrosco it's through baked goods so it should be easy to get hold of. Will be in at boomkat, rooted, juno etc. No direct – too lazy! in reply to donrosco #
  • New dirty rnb dub tune at 140… Girl you know it's true… Sounding really grimey and fat #
  • New broken techno thing us good but a bit, well, fucked #

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