Review of my year


2009 has been the most exciting year since 2005, loads of great stuff coming out and the clubs have been FIRING, people have really gone for it. Every time I’ve played out the vibe has been fantastic, less so in London obviously but everywhere else has been cracking. People have wanted it. Bad.

I’ve loved the way that funky has turned so much around. Both in itself – Cooly G’s Love Dub is my tune of the year, alongside her Dis Boy – but also in its ripples and echoes. Dubstep heads took the hint and created a spectrum of new sounds from Ramadanman / Pearson Sound, Brackles, Untold and many more. The best of the old garage heads saw funky for what it was – an attempt to deal with the unfinished business of UK Garage, and Zed Bias and MJ Cole made some fantastic tracks as a result. Mind you, most of them aren’t out yet.

Dubstep itself was all about the dark rollage of people Kryptic Minds and SP:MC, the psychedelic grime of Joker, and the percussive deepness of Peverelist, Ramadanman and Untold. I’ve done quite a good mix of this stuff for Inverted Audio:$blog/2009/12/29/_i_a__mix_07_grievous_angel?_c=1

Musically it’s been a big year for me. There’s nothing like seeing a big room go off to your tunes and I’ve seen my funky and garage gear light up crowds – it’s an enormous privilege, I’ll treasure those memories forever. Kode in particular has been caning Move Down Low for months. Loads of DJs have been playing my stuff… Skream, Blackdown, Atki2, Tim Dub Boy, MJ Cole, Jamie Vex’d, Paul Hotflush, Mary Anne Hobbs… I’ve put out three singles (Loser, Soundclash, my funky refix of the grime classic Ice Rink ) that have done well. There are some more to come in 2010. I’ve done a DJ mix for Radio 1 and had loads of play on the pirates. I’ve done guest mixes for loads of websites. I’ve just put another album out, my remix / DJ mix / dub album of the entirety of Blackdown and Dusk’s Margins Music. It’s been one hell of a ride. And I moved into the house I built.

It’s been a great year!

Grievous Angel Interview and Mix for INVERTED AUDIO

My interview with Inverted Audio is now up. It’s here. PLUS, my new mix for Inverted Audio is also now up. This is the follow up to the Dub Tech mix from February – only all digital instead of all vinyl (and all the better for it).

It’s very percussive, deep, techy dubstep – the signature tunes here are probably from Peverelist and Ramadanman so that gives you an idea of what to expect. Plus a bit of techno-y funky, some future garage, some 3:2 to start, and a cheeky bit of r’n’b over thdriving 4×4. I am REALLY pleased with it. There are a couple of nice little dubs from Paul Hotflush on there that not many people have too.

Track list is in the lyrics tab but it’s here for your convenience:

Narcossist: Metronome (Grievous Angel Remix)
Grievous Angel: Culture Killer (Discomix)
Scuba: Klinik
Scuba: Volt
Untold: Dante
Pangaea: You And I
23Hz & Numaestro: Zumo (Sully Remix)
Ramadanman: Revenue
Peverelist: Infinity is Now
Ramadanman: Blimey
SP:MC Taiko Dub
Landslide: Parables (Ramadanman Instrumental Mix)
Kode 9 Vs LD: Bad
Cooly G: Dis Boy
Dfrnt: Headspace (Scuba Version)
Si Begg: I Do Not Dream (Scuba)
Uncle Bakongo: Baga
Jill Scott: A Long Walk
2562: Enforcers
Cooly G: Love Dub Refix

New mix up at Blackdown Soundboy

The second of my special promo mixes is now up at Blackdown’s Blog.

Go there for it.

These two volumes are two of the best mixes I’ve ever done. Both done live in one go and then split up and edited a tiny bit.

The new one is great. Jill Scott and Erykah over heavy dubstep rollers is a FABULOUS combination.