Tense Nervous House Music, Volume 2

Tense, Nervous House Music? Take this...

Around this time last year I did a spring-tide mix of old and new house, which I called Tense Nervous House Music. It was kind of a follow on from Beltane and was specifially inspied by spending time in the old temples on the island of Gozo. Now, as is very obvious now, this Spring was dominated by my going out to various Dubstep events, which have all been fantastic. And yet, in some way I can’t quite describe, my mainlining dubstep over the last of years has ineluctably led me back to house. Partly it’s because of a renewed appetite for that delicious syncopated deep house pulse. part of it was knowing that a favourite dubstep producer likes proper deep house, and increasingly seeing dubstep through a house lens. (The fact that quite a lot of people on the excellent Faith forum, which is the coolest house forum in the world, are quite into dubstep helped as well.) And part of it is the fact that this year I finally cottoned onto the fact that there’s been a quite fabulous renaissance in house with the emergence of the “minimal” style.

Now admittedly, not much of this stuff is that minimal. And yes, some of it sounds a bit too close to electroclash for my liking. In fact, most of it just sounds like deep house or tech house. But there’s some cracking stuff in there and most of all, it just demonstrates the indefatigable ability of house to renew itself.

Hence, this Beltane, I found myself splurging on reasonably fresh house music, and the product is Tense Nervous House Music Volume 2, a digital mix of new-ish house that has, as usual, been subjected to some heavy dubbing. It starts off all deep with a brace of Ame tunes – and yes, Ame do thoroughly deserve the hype they’re getting from every deep house head in the world right now – moves onto some increasingly twisted sleazy minimal, before climaxing with an edit of the very wonderful Carl Craig remix of Theo Parrish’s Falling Up and a couple of Trentemollers – who also thoroughly deserve the hype that is being showered on them at the moment – before winding up back where we started with an Ame dub.

I like it.

Tense Nervous House Music, Volume 2.
68 minutes 40 seconds. 157.2Mb. 320K LAME-encoded mp3 (at the “Insane” setting).
Find i here: http://www.grievousangel.net/TenseNervousHouseMusicVol2.mp3.zip

Here’s the tracklisting:

Tense Nervous House Music, Volume 2
0:00 Dimensions 6: Living In the Sunshine (Ame Ohio Dub)
3:18 Dimensions 6: Living In the Sunshine (Ame Main Mix)
7:19 Nigel Hayes: Augustus (Ame remix)
13:08 Blaze: Lovelee Dae (Carl Craig’s 70 Degrees & Sunny mix)
14:40 Kirk Degiorgio presents Esoterik: Starwaves (Jimpster remix)
19:15 Spirit Catcher: Street Hawk
22:18 Booka Shade: Blue Rooms (Original Mix)
25:38 Audio Soul Project: Reality Check (Mix 2)
28:55 Layo & Bushwacka!: Life2Live (Jesse’s Stripper dub)
31:25 Terra Deva: Fresh Start (Derrick Carter’s All Hail The New Ugly Re-Dub)
33:25 Sharon Jones: Want to Need To (Trentemoller remix)
38:38 Terry Francis: Music Freak (Nathan Coles House Mix)
43:20 Spirit Catcher: Voo Doo Knight (Grievous Angel Edit)
47:25 Theo Parrish: Falling Up (Carl Craig Mix)
51:06 Trentemoller: Serenetti (Original Mix)
57:31 Trentemoller: Minimal Fox (Original Mix)
62:20 Dimensions 6: Living In the Sunshine (Ame Ohio Dub)
68:00 Ends

Cos most of the tunes on here are just fabulous