Free downloads going up on Bandcamp

I’ve got a page on Bandcamp for free downloads.

I’ve got a load of tunes now, too many for any future album. I’m going to give away some of the better ones.

There might be some paid-for ones in the future. I also want to start hosting dubz in there too when I work it out.

I’m at

I’ve got two tracks up so far. Darkness is that folk / garage tune that Mary Anne played and which was up on my site for a while. It’s good, I’d do a better mixdown now though. There’s a load more folk tunes I want to do. There’s an Eliza Carthy sample that’s been going through my head for months, for example.

Erzulie is this wonky thing that’s the companion piece to Harpy (on the flip of Soundclash).

There’ll probably be some funky up there soon.