Answer Soundclash – the final

John and my mixes in the “Answer” riddim soundclash are now up.

Mine is here. John’s is here.

John’s is some huge long 45 minute epic, but mine is a more appetising 25 minute workout. My mix track listing is:

Dennis Brown: I Can’t Stand It (Joe Gibbs)
Little John: Say What You’re Saying (Midnight Rock)
Josey Wales: Kingston Hot (Volcano)
Brigadier Jerry: Pain (Ffrench)
Super Cat: Walk-A-Ton (Midnight Rock)
Jim Brown: In Time (Midnight Rock)
Anthony B: Global Awareness (Blacker Dread)
Spragga Benz: Mark Death (John John)
Turbo Belly: Hot Like Fireside (John John)
Bounty Killer: Spy Fi Die (Kingston 11)
Junior Cat: Who So Ever (Kingston 11)
Couple of amusing cross over tunes in our respective mixes.

Vote at Dissensus for which one is best.

John’s is very good BTW.

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Proof if any needed that computers are rubbish.

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Answer Soundclash

John Eden appears to believe that he is anything other than a dibby dibby soundboy.

I can confirm that this is not the case and shall demonstrate this on February 23rd.


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John Eden’s best of 2006 mix

John’s 2006 mix is corking, as you’d expect from one of Britain’s leading reggae taste makers. 34 tracks of top quality dancehall and reggae – and he’s even mixing on this one! CD only though, no downloads unless I persuade him to let me do it, so best get in touch and ask nicely – though I imagine most of the run of 23 have gone by now.