Dubstep mixes — get ‘em while they’re hot

I got pointed to an archive of fabulous dubstep mixes and I thoroughly recommend you check them out. You need to go to http://dubstep.blogspot.com/2005/07/mixes.html which is run by Ivan DubWay. It’s a treasure trove of really effective dubstep radio shows and mixtapes and as ever, who knows how long they’ll be there, so grab them while you can. Normal courtesies apply — these are mp3s, but don’t play them from your browser, right or ctrl-click to save them to disk to save DubWay’s bandwidth.

My favourite so far is Hatcha’s Rinse show from 8.6.05. It’s superbly dark and dubby with a great, subtle, MC. Anyone who likes dub, grime or jungle should give it a try. In fact I keep thinking dubstep is the new Brit techno, an obvous thing to say I know but it’s really got that dark Detroit vibe.

Lovin’ it. Keep it coming.