Grievous Angel mix for Electronic Explorations

The mix I did for Electronic Explorations is now up. EE is a fab online radio show by Rob Booth that a lot of cool / connected / fun people listen to. It’s worth a punt.

My mix focused on the more techy end of things rather than the garage gear I’ve been championing. So there’s a few tracks off the album together with a load of mainly unreleased stuff that’s in the same vein. It came out pretty darn well! Here’s the tracklisting… BTW this is the mix where I stuck the new Pangaea in within minutes of hearing it, it was so good – both sides…

Grievous Angel – Exclusive Mix – ‘Electronic Explorations’

01 – Grievous Angel – Velvet Dub (Bitten by thee Black Dog) – [”Belief is the Enemy”CD]
02 – Scuba – Bleach – [unreleased]
03 – Grievous Angel – Lickle Friction – [”Belief is the Enemy” CD]
04 – The Black Dog – Floods (Bass Soldier Rework) – [Soma 12″]
05 – Scuba – Duplicity – [unreleased]
06 – Grievous Angel – Culture Killer (Discomix) – [”Belief is the Enemy” CD]
07 – Kowton – Metronome – [unreleased]
08 – Grievous Angel – I Love Dem – [unreleased]
09 – Pangaea – You And I – [Forthcoming ‘Hessle Audio’]
10 – Ramadanman Vs Jill Scott – Golden Carla – [dubplate]
11 – Grievous Angel – Soundman Tribute – [”Belief is the Enemy” CD]
12 – Grievous Angel – Immigrant – [”Belief is the Enemy” CD]
13 – Slaughter Mob – Dub Weapon
14 – Pangaea – Router – [Forthcoming ‘Hessle Audio’]
15 – Grievous Angel – What We Had – [Devotional Dubz Dubplate]

Go here for downloads. and here.
The mix from Duplicity into the culture killer discomix into kowton’s metronome is just luvverly :). Big up all the producers for sending me their gear and to Rob for giving me a shot! Should be another good’un on the boomnoise and pokes show, and a REALLY special devotional dubz one for On The Wire… looks like I’ll preview that here and on DSF though.

Green Man festival is fab

Most important thing – the food is amazing! Even better than the big chill. Wicked, chilled out vibe. Lots of folk music, some great rock, lots of reggae coming out of the stalls… Best band so far is fight like apes, an irish band combining squeals of digital distortion with super fat bass and drums, a cacophony of synths and a compelling female singer who twists nasty noises out of a tiny keyboard. They rock. I think they’ll be huge – the irish accents make them sound american already! Turned bitterly cold last night and i turned my ankle over and got a really bad case of the shakes but we woke to a perfect sky and mist drifting down the valley. Been brilliant today, but I think the much-predicted deluge is coming tomorrow. Fortunately we have come with wonderful people who brought whisky and bourbon. Niceness…

under the mountain at the green man festival

I am arrived, unpacked and tent pitched at the Green Man festival in the Brecon Beacons. The valley is stunning – the photo shows the view from our tents. I don’t know much about the music that’s on but I’m hoping to catch some quality folk music and maybe a bit of spiritualized and super furry animals. But really I’m just here to chill in the sunshine (as long as it lasts) and play with the kids. Here’s hoping the downpours predicted do not come to pass…

New mix – Social Circles Bizzle

I’ve been caning old 2003-era Social Circles gear recently. I just can’t enough of it – that moment when garage had turned grimey but wasn’t quite grime, was feeding into what would become dubstep, and was utterly banging and incredibly danceable. Following the brilliant 2step revival that we’ve seen this year I would really like people to make more in this style. It’s bloody hard to do though.

Anyway this mix is nice and short at 25 minutes and is all decks, no Live and no FX, and though I say so myself it’s fucking great music. Give it a go.



Sticky – Who Are You (2004)
Sticky – Boom Shell (2003)
Mr Fidget – Fidgestrumental (2003)
Simon Sez – Shut Your Mouth (2003)
Donae’o – My Philosophy (Bounce) (2003)
Sticky – Ganjaman (2002)
Sticky Feat. Viper* – I’m On The Mic (2003)
Maxwell D – Serious (Jameson Remix) (2001)
Sticky Feat. Viper* – I’m On The Mic (Instrumental) (2003)

Soon come: a techno-y dubstep mix (when I can work out what the track listing is!), a Devotional Dubz special (for on the wire… if they get themselves sorted out, otherwise I’ll just stick it up!!), another garage mix, a VIP Grievous Angel mix for Electronic Explorations (delivered), a mix for the Boomnoise and Pokes show (delivered), a grime mix (was nearly done… then I got a load of new records) and probably a Narrows style 4×4 mix cos I’m using those tunes to teach my seven year old how to mix :). Plus a couple of very, very special ones I can’t talk about…