Grievous Angel mix for Electronic Explorations

The mix I did for Electronic Explorations is now up. EE is a fab online radio show by Rob Booth that a lot of cool / connected / fun people listen to. It’s worth a punt.

My mix focused on the more techy end of things rather than the garage gear I’ve been championing. So there’s a few tracks off the album together with a load of mainly unreleased stuff that’s in the same vein. It came out pretty darn well! Here’s the tracklisting… BTW this is the mix where I stuck the new Pangaea in within minutes of hearing it, it was so good – both sides…

Grievous Angel – Exclusive Mix – ‘Electronic Explorations’

01 – Grievous Angel – Velvet Dub (Bitten by thee Black Dog) – [”Belief is the Enemy”CD]
02 – Scuba – Bleach – [unreleased]
03 – Grievous Angel – Lickle Friction – [”Belief is the Enemy” CD]
04 – The Black Dog – Floods (Bass Soldier Rework) – [Soma 12″]
05 – Scuba – Duplicity – [unreleased]
06 – Grievous Angel – Culture Killer (Discomix) – [”Belief is the Enemy” CD]
07 – Kowton – Metronome – [unreleased]
08 – Grievous Angel – I Love Dem – [unreleased]
09 – Pangaea – You And I – [Forthcoming ‘Hessle Audio’]
10 – Ramadanman Vs Jill Scott – Golden Carla – [dubplate]
11 – Grievous Angel – Soundman Tribute – [”Belief is the Enemy” CD]
12 – Grievous Angel – Immigrant – [”Belief is the Enemy” CD]
13 – Slaughter Mob – Dub Weapon
14 – Pangaea – Router – [Forthcoming ‘Hessle Audio’]
15 – Grievous Angel – What We Had – [Devotional Dubz Dubplate]

Go here for downloads. and here.
The mix from Duplicity into the culture killer discomix into kowton’s metronome is just luvverly :). Big up all the producers for sending me their gear and to Rob for giving me a shot! Should be another good’un on the boomnoise and pokes show, and a REALLY special devotional dubz one for On The Wire… looks like I’ll preview that here and on DSF though.

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