WTF are all these DJ mixes?

I’ve done a LOT of DJ mixes over the years covering a load of genres and I plan to do many more.

My foundation is reggae / dancehall and its relationship with UK garage in all its forms (2step, 4×4, dubstep, grime, 130…). This flows from a personal history in industrial, post-punk and 80s dance music that naturally evolved into techno, house and jungle.  I have a LOT of mixes I still want to do!

So I’ve carved these up by genre, starting with the reggae and garage stuff and then spinning off from there.

I have selected a few that I think still sound particularly good and put them up front.

How to get the mixes

  • Most of these are straight mp3s. Just right click and download to your hard drive (or control-click on a Mac). If you click / tap on a link they will probably play in your browser.
  • Some of these are zipped files to stop people playing them in their browser. Just download and decompress them. Again, you should be able to right-click / control-click the link and save them.
  • Most mixes have track listings and track times in the Lyrics tab (in iTunes at least).
  • Most of these mixes have blog posts for them
  • I am putting some of these mixes on Mixcloud so you can stream them

The best mixes I’ve done, in order

Here’s the ones I like the most so far, at the moment.

  1. Grime in the Dancehall – 2013 remaster | Grime in the dancehall mix for blogariddims: (tracklisting)  Done with John Eden. This has to be the main one you want to check
  2. Lyric Maker | Done with John Eden. The biggest dancehall mix we’ve done… UK Fast Chat
  3. Mala and garage | A load of Mala classics mixed with some intense 2step
  4. Social Circles Bizzle | All Social Circles / Sticky gear from 2002 era!
  5. Volume Two: Jungle Got Soul.
  6. Tons of Boxes | A pure dub mix I did for Blogariddims
  7. The First Taste of Hope Is Fear: Ambient Industrial 1980-1987

REGGAE: Dancehall / Ragga / Dub

Reggae mixes with John Eden

Lovers Rock Volume 1 |Blog post

Lovers Rock Volume 2

Lyric Maker | The biggest dancehall mix we’ve done… UK Fast Chat in excelsis

BoomBoomBashment. | The follow-up mix to Lyric Maker, showcasing under-appreciated nineties dancehall

Dancehall Mix for On the Wire. | A mix commissioned by the famous Radio Lancashire reggae and experimental music show, run by Wire dub reviewer and ex-On U Sound engineer Steve Barker.

Fast Chat for Stelfox mix. | A mix of UK fast chat, following on from the Lyric Maker mix, which reggae journalist Dave Stelfox commissioned when he had a residency on London’s Resonance FM radio station

Dancehall Mix for Blogariddims | One of our contributions to the excellent Blogariddims series of eclectic podcasts.

My solo Reggae mixes

Tons of Boxes | A pure dub mix I did for Blogariddims, adapting a mix I did a few years ago on privately circulated CD. Pure decks and FX on this one!

Twilight Circus Solo Mix | Promo mix of dub-pon-dub for the wonderful modern reggae act… check the vocal talent!

Pepper Seed riddim | My mix of this fantastic riddim, which the producer emailed me about to say how much he liked it!

John Eden solo Reggae mixes

RSI Radio Volume One.



2Step HeavenPodcast in the Blogariddims series… I really like this one! Heavyweight dark and dubby 2step

2Step Heaven Volume 2

 2step Heaven Volume 3

Social Circles Bizzle | All Social Circles / Sticky gear from 2002 era!

 MC Garage | Post

Mala and garage

Abstract 2step.

4×4 Hell (all Narrows style hard 4×4 from 2002!)

Garage Tape 2000 (all 99 / 2000 era tunes – mixed in 2000)

2Step mix for Artek / SubFM

4×4 UKG

4×4 heaven Volume 1

4×4 Heaven Volume 2 | Blog post

4×4 garage mix for Tropical Waste

Future garage

FutureGarage.com mix | Blog post

Future Garage mix for Fundamental: ( http://fundamentalgarage.com/mixology/four/ ):



I assume you already know about the mix CD on my first album, “Belief is the Enemy”? Still sounds pretty nice. It’s “disc 2” on Spotify.

The Dubstep Sufferah Series

Dubstep Sufferah Volume One.

Dubstep Sufferah Volume Two.

Dubstep Sufferah Volume Three.

Blackdown D*bstep Mixes

(I assume you already know about the Margins Music Redux album I did for Blackdown and Dusk, yeah? It’s good!)

Blackdown Soundboy Mix Volume 1 | Blog post

Blackdown Soundboy Volume 2

Other Dubstep Mixes

DubTech mix

Tribute to LHF mix

Mix for Radio One’s Mary Anne Hobbs (tracklisting)

/ I A / MIX 07: Grievous Angel | Here | Techy dubstep mix for Inverted Audio – first track is an ancient collaboration with Kowton 🙂


With John Eden

Grime in the Dancehall – 2013 remaster | Grime in the dancehall mix for blogariddims: (tracklisting)

Solo grime mixes

Grime Volume 1 | Blog post

Grime Volume 2 | Blog post


Etch In Dub mix: Tribute to the brilliant Etch, all my favourite early productions. Did this years ago



94 era Jungle mixes: 

Volume One: Jungle Dub 94.

Volume Two: Jungle Got Soul.

 Jungle Pressure | Blog post


FUNKY MANIFESTO Rips of all my favourite UK Funky radio moments assembled into one glorious mix

Mix for Bristol’s wonderful CRAZYLEGS Club | (This is essentially the promo mix for the Loser / Move Down Low release!  Tracklisting here…)

Kleer being played by Marcus Nasty on Rinse FM!!! | Blog post

Forefront promo mix for release of Kleer

Pure Rollage mix | Blog post

Mix for DMK


Tense Nervous House Music Volume 2.

Tense Nervous House Music Volume 3

Sonic Router Dark UK House mix

 Techno mix | Blog post

Summer Breakbeat mix. | (A more interesting than average breaks mix – has some nice re-edits in it.)


Post Punk mix | Blog post

Miles Davis in Dub mix for blogariddims | Post and tracklisting

The First Taste of Hope Is Fear: Ambient Industrial 1980-1987

Spoken word and interviews

Phile Hine, part one.

Phil Hine, part two.

Phil Hine, part three.

Phil‘s an old mate of mine with some very interesting ideas. I sound like a complete knob in these interviews but he’s on good form and so is Eden so up they go.

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  1. I tried nearly every link and they all came up dead for me. are these mixes actually available? I’d be delighted if they were. I will check back here soon to see. Thanks!
    oh, and I *love* woofah!! can’t wait for the next issue! great job!

  2. Love Love Love the garage/2step mixes.
    Is there a tracklisting for them, especially the abstract 2step mix. Need to know the tune that comes in around 44mins.

    Any more garage mixes coming?

    Much Love and Thanks

  3. Came to your site on the back of the Dust Science freebie – absolutely love “Show Love”, wicked stuff thanks! Now grooving to the 2-Step mix at work and very much looking forward to the ’94 jungle mixes lined up next – a vintage year indeed!

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