New mix: Mala and classic garage



This is a mix I’ve wanted to do to for a while – mainly because I wanted to listen to it . Yes, this is the sort of thing OneMan does so well, and has been doing for ages, but I think this is still really worth doing. Mala in particular has always had a really strong garage swing and this really brings it out. All classic tunes obviously – it starts deep and heavy, slowly moves up to the really intense section around Mountain Dread March, and then moves nicely into a load of 4×4 garage.

Enjoy – it’s here:



320K MP3; 132Mb



Groove Chronicles: Life is what you make it

Mala: Hunter

Groove Chronicles: Faith In You

Mala: Lean Forward

El-B: Beautiful Music

Mala: Bury da Bwoy

Groove Chronicles: Masterplan

Mala: Learn

Groove Chronicles: Black Puppet

Mala: Mountain Dread March

Same People: Dangerous (Crazy Bank Mix)

Mala: Anti War Dub

Wide Boys: She’s The One

Mala: Left leg out

It’s a new dawn

Mala: Alicia

Its a new dawn


100% original vinyl mix. March 2013.

Dirty Face: A series of 10 10-minute mini-mixes

I did 10 10-minute sound tracks to videos of graffitti artists, for the graf / street art collective Dirty Face. Check out (and buy!) Dirty Face’s fantastic t-shirts here. The videos had an amazing story – Dirty Face organised a 10 day festival at Sheffield’s brilliant Bank Street Arts centre, where they got top graffiti artists in and over 10 days, they would each paint a wall in a day… the same wall, mind, with their work being white-washed over the top! Dirty Face video’ed each day, and did a 10 minute time-lapsed edit for me to work to. These videos and their soundtracks unfortunately haven’t surfaced yet, so I’m putting these little mixes out there, on their own. They’;re really nice, fully-rounded despite being short, yet easily consumed because they don’t hang around long. There’s a range of genres in there and, frankly, theres some lovely moments in there.

Here’s the first one: Day 1 – Matt Sewell:

Tracklisting is:

Lukid: On_and_on

Scuba: Ruby

Lorn: Cherry Moon

Hudson Mohawke: Fuse


The tunes here are nicely atmostpheric and melodic but they’ve still got a lot of welly… I’ve put layers of dub fx and filtering on top too…

Check it, you’ll like it 🙂




Grime in the Dancehall 2013 remaster now up

The classic mix of reggae-influenced grime and grimey reggae from John Eden and me is back – remastered, louder, clearer and better than ever.

Click here to get the mix. 

320 MP3, weighs 175Mb.

The original John Eden blog post talking about it is here:


The original Grievous Angel blog post is here:


The original version of this mix was released as Volume 40 in the Blogariddims podcast series – see Droid’s blog post here:


00:00 Introduction
00:26 Neckle Camp feat. Jammer, Rinse FM
01:02 Turbulence acapella
02:06 Turbulence – Notorious (THC Muzik 7”) 2005
02:40 Trim & Radioclit – Turbulence remix (from Soulfood vol 1) 2007
06:45 Richie Spice – Marijuana (from Spice In Your Life 2004)
08:25 Jammer – Burning (from Are You Dumb vol 2) 2007
10:45 Bob Marley and the Wailers – So Much Trouble in the World (from Survival, 1979)
14:05 Mercston – Trouble (from Da End of Da Beginning) 2006
16:31 Skepta – Blood, Sweat and Tears (from Greatest Hits) 2007
19:32 All In One – Flows (from Bless Beats – A Hard Days Graft) 2008
21:14 Frisco – Skeng Man Mode (from Peng Food) 2008
23:24 Slix – Maniac (from Down vol 1) 2006
26:12 Neckle Camp feat Jammer, Rinse FM
27:39 Baby Cham & Mister Easy – Funny Man (Mad House 7”) 1996
28:53 Lady Saw – Sycamore Tree (Mad House 7”) 1996
30:01 Frisco Kid – Rubbers (Mad House 7”) 1996
31:05 Buju Banton – How It Ago Go (Mad House 7”) 1996
32:08 Tanya Stephens – Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet (Mad House 7”) 1996
33:37 Slew Dem – Joyride Vocal (Slewdem Productions 12”) 2005
35:13 Dutty Doogz – Pum Pum Stealer (Night Flight 12”) 2003
36:35 Harry Toddler – Good Good (Night Flight 12”) 2003
36:49 Flow Dan – Galist (Night Flight 12”) 2003
37:16 Jamaka Bi – Zoom 4 Pum (Night Flight 12”) 2003
39:15 Kano and Vybz Kartel – Buss It Up (679 7”) 2006
43:16 Neckle Camp feat. Jammer, Rinse FM
44:01 Yami Bolo – Top Shotta (Black Diamonds 7”) 2002
45:48 Junior Reid – Rise Up (Black Diamonds 7”) 2002
46:32 Half Pint – Bounce (Black Diamonds 7”) 2002
47:37 Lukie D – One In Ten (Black Diamonds 7”) 2002
49:12 Rossi B and Luka – Nobody Knows (from The Legacy EP, Heavy Artillery 12”) 2007
51:29 Ini Kamoze – World a Reggae Music (from Sly and Robbie’s Taxi Sound, Auralux LP) 1984
53:03 Rossi B and Luka – Run 4 Cover instrumental (12” white label) 2005
53:48 Rossi B and Luka feat. Nasty Crew – Run 4 Cover (12” white label) 2005
56:45 Neckle Camp feat. Jammer, Rinse FM
57:13 Breeze – Ice Rink (Wiley Kat 12”) 2003
59:16 Tinchy Stryder – Ice Rink (Wiley Kat 12”) 2003
60:36 Kano – Ice Rink (Wiley Kat 12”) 2003
63:56 Riko – Ice Rink (Wiley Kat 12”) 2003
65:58 Sizzla – Give Me A Try (from Rise to the Occasion) 2003
67:18 Jammer – Give Me a Try (from Are You Dumb vol 2) 2006
71:04 Sizzla Vs Rhianna – Give Me A Try (remix) 2007

BIG UP Droid, all Blogariddims crew, Woebot, Dan Hancox, Blackdown, all Woofah Magazine crew and all dancehall and grime selectors, producers, MCs, promoters, labels, record shop people, and dancers! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact on Twitter:








Lovers Rock Volume 2 re-up

Think the link may have gone bad so here’s a re-up.



1. Audley Rollins – What’s Your Name (Matador 7″)
2. Alton Ellis & Phyllis Dillon – Remember That Sunday (Treasure Isle 7″)
3. The Silvertones – Two Time Lover (Studio One 7″)
4. Harry Hippy – Cover Me (Pioneer 7″)
5. Ronnie Davis – I Won’t Cry (Love 7″)
6. Gregory Isaacs – Sunshine For Me (African Museum 7″)
7. John Holt – If I Were A Carpenter (Striker Lee 7″)
8. Chantells – Waiting In The Park (Phase 1 7″)
9. Terry Linen – Your Love Is My Love (Raggedy Joe 7″)
10. Leroy Gibbons – To The End Of Time (House of Hits 7″)
11. Tony Curtis – Let’s Go (House of Hits 7″)
12. Bobby Kray – Silly Games (Sun Land Mix) (no label 7″)
13. Lukie D – Young Love (Special Delivery 7″)
14. Gyptian – Pretty Darling (Special Delivery 7″)
15. Oba Simba – Whistling Bird (Special Delivery 7″)
16. Tairo – La Vie Qu’Je Mene (Special Delivery 7″)
17. Ava Leigh – La La La (Virgin 7″)
18. Toni Braxton – Yesterday (Sticky’s Lovers Remix) (Atlantic 7″)

Track by track analysis over at John Eden’s blog. 



Future Garage Mix Violume 10

I’ve done the 10th mix in the Future Garage series.

It’s a mix of deep rolling dubby garage with loads of dubs from two of the hottest producers around – Wen and Etch. Some seriously great, forward looking tunes in here! Welcome to the new dub…

File is here.

Tracklisting is

J-One & Etch – Sounds – Unreleased 2012
Etch – Aquamarine – Unreleased 2012
Dem 2 – Holding – 2011
Wen – Medusa – Unreleased 2012
Wen – Swingin – Unreleased 2012
Sully – Your Love – Keysound Recordings LDN026 – 2011
Grievous Angel – FU – Forthcoming Devotional Dubz 2013
Wen – Takin’ Over – Unreleased 2012
Wen – Spark It – forthcoming Keysound 2013
Grievous Angel Vs Ashanti – Still On It Refix – Unreleased 2012
Etch – See Me On The Road – Unreleased 2012
Wen – Walk the Walk – Unreleased 2012
Naphta – Jungle Republic (Grievous Angel remix) – Unreleased 2012
Etch – Take Me – Unreleased 2012
Etch – Pulse – Unreleased 2012
Artek – And Then – Grievous Angel Remix – Unreleased 2012
Wen – Wind it Up – Unreleased 2012

Pure Rollage mix


OK. Here’s a mix of fresh, deep dub 130. Basically my tribute to Beneath. This is pure rollage. Obviously the Beneath stuff is the best dub in the world right now but there’s lots of good bits in this mix. I particularly like the blend of City Cycle and Send, and the blend of Waterfalls and the Vibe is so Right. This goes off live. The Ramadanman refix is very special, David played this out quite a bit. No-one’s got that.

Check it, this is a good’un.

Beneath – Wip – unreleased
Beneath – Lost – unreleased
Beneath – Name Droppin’ – unreleased
Cooly G – Dis Boy – Dub Organiser
Beneath – Send – No Symbols 001
Mala – City Cycle – Tectonic
Beneath – Seduction – No Symbols 002
Grievous Angel – Torn Apart – Devotional Dubz Erzulie04
Simpleton – Weh Dem Hear – Grievous Angel Remix – unreleased
Beneath – Rough – No Symbols 02
Grievous Angel – Kleer – Forefront
Rubi Dan Vs Grievous Angel – BadBoyz – Unreleased
DJ Ma1 – Waterfalls
Chrissy Murderbot – Vibe Is So Right (Atki2 Remix) – Planet Mu
Ramadanman – Blimey (Grievous Angel Refix) – Unreleased (and never coming out!)
Beneath – No Limit – Unreleased

File is here.

New vinyl mix: 2step heaven volume 3


Here’s the third volume of the 2Step Heaven series:
This was an all-vinyl, one-take mix – it sounded good so I decided to do ESC off vinyl :)
Some really nice blends on here and not many mistakes. Happy with it.
Enjoy this for now… there’s some nice mixes of new / unreleased stuff on the way…

B15 Project – Girls Like This
M-Dubs Feat Lady Saw – Bump’n’Grind
Groove Chronicles – Life is What You Make It
D’Souza: Keep It Coming – Dem2 Remix
Rusty – Something’s Gpt Me Started – Wideboys Dub Mix
Stone Kold Joints – Wicked Press
M-Dubs – Body Killin
Basement Jaxx – Red Alert – Steve Gurley remix
Groove Chronicles – Faith in You
Groove Chronicles – Black Puppet

Video of me at Electronic Supper Club now up

The wonderful people at Electronic Supper Club have put up the video of me playing there last Wednesday. It’s not a bad set, tunes are great and not too many mistakes in the mixing. Check it out and look at the excellent video of Mella dee and Six Foot Sick, as well as the other DJs (especially Squarehead).

Big up the Black Dog and Shaun Bloodworth for kicking this off, CADS for hosting it and the lovely people at Dangernoise Audio for the massive sound system!

And make sure you get on the invite list – you can only come in if you’re on the list and it’s a really, really nice scene 🙂

Playing live at Electronic Supper Club Wednesday night


A small dark room full of really cool people, fantastic film projections in the background, and a huge, high quality sound system. Heaven on earth. That’s what Electronic Supper Club is like.

Invite only so mail us if you need to get there and we don’t know you already.

Mista Men and SixFootSick are awesome DJs. I’ll be playing a few garage, grime and funky records and might indulge in some Ableton performance too.



New Single out now – Torn Apart / Rock Da Bass

New hard UK funky track out now exclusively on Boomkat.

There’ll be a bunch of tunes coming out on my Devotional Dubz label over the next few months. It’ll mostly be UKF, house, 130-ish ragga and a bit of 140. First up is ERZULIE04, Torn Apart b/w Rock Da Bass, two heavy funky tunes.

It’s the follow up to Kleer on Forefront recordings, a heavy acid 130 tune that went over OK, got some airplay from Marcus Nasty – this is an awesome clip:

Read full review of Torn Apart / Rock Da Bass – GRIEVOUS ANGEL on ©