KLEER: New single out now. Hype Hype

Yeah. New single out now which I’m really excited about. It’s KLEER backed with my remix of J Beatz’ Subwoofer. So two slices heavy 130 uk funky – one a hard acid work out, one a banging grime remix. One of the best records I’ve ever made.

Check out the Soundcloud here:



Blackdown played it a few months ago as usual. Then I think Sinden was the first to play the pre-release on his Kiss show. Plus it’s had some daytime airplay from Rinse, and may be best of all, it’s had some play from the legendary Marcus Nasty. He played both sides and was really working it in the mix with a great MC over the top. Hearing that made my whole music career worthwhile.

It’s here:

Kleer on RInse FM

The DJ feedback has been great, here’s some of the quotes people sent me for the promo to the shops:


Subwoofer remix will do damage, drums for miles. and Kleer is just apocalyptic, one for the warehouse I reckon.

Philip Sherbourne

this is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. Hard/deep funky that’s not too fast and kinda tripped-out. I  played “Kleer,” and it sounded fantastic, especially on the Horst soundsystem. Thanks again! I feel honored to have been able to play that….


these are great man! both remix and original tune. so good for the dance floor and groovy. can’t decide which one I’m enjoying more


Subwoofer remix is fucked mate


I really like Kleer man!!!! I’m gonna be dropping it on the radio show this week. I bet this one drops hard in the dance too. Can’t wait to test it!!!


kleer is wicked. will def play!

Dub Boy

Wicked tracks mate! My fave is the J Beats remix which is ruff! A really good drums workout…. RIDDIM

John Eden

J Beatz is one of the handful of grime producers I still bother checking – the GA mix of his “Subwoofer” ups the ante with more frenetic voodoo percussion and a touch of sunshine to complement the dread bass. Ruff and smooth in all the right places – one for the heads, as we used to say.

Joe Muggs was kind enough to give it a great review in the May edition of the Wire, which is fantastic, I love the Wire:

The minimal remix got featured as a free download on Mixmag‘s website alongside some really nice words. I never thought I’d get a mention on Mixmag!:


“Soundsystem house.” That’s good!

Colin at K Mag gave it a really good review in his dubstep column.

Liminal Sounds did a really extensive interview:


Immersed Audio did a good  deep interview with me, it’s here: http://www.immersedaudio.com/2012/04/ia-mix-series-030-interview-grievous.html

There’s also a really heavy remix of loads of my dubs done just like how I play live here:


Tracklist is
Simpleton: Weh Dem Hear (Grievous Angel Remix) (Unreleased)
Grievous Angel: Torn Apart  (Unreleased)
Dub Boy & Atki 2: Tiger Flower (Grievous Angel Remix) (Hard Hands)
Beenie Man: Rum And Redbull (Grievous Angel Remix)  (Unreleased)
J Beatz: SubWoofer (Grievous Angel Remix) (Forefront Recordings OUT APRIL 2012)
Congo Natty: Herbsman (Grievous Angel Vs Refix) (Unreleased)
Cutty Ranks: Wicked Inna Bed (Grievous Angel Refix) (Unreleased)
Grievous Angel: Kleer (Forefront Recordings OUT APRIL 2012)
Grievous Angel Ft. Rubi Dan: Bad Boy (Unreleased)
Grievous Angel: Rock Da Bass (Unreleased)
MA1: Waterfalls
Shackleton: Hackney Marshes (Grievous Angel Refix) (Unreleased)

Among the shops, Boomkat is carrying the twelve and the digital with some nice words: “Video Crash’ style Chicago toms and stabs with proper UK swagger, spiking the whole lot with spaced-out neon synths to sound like one of Bok Bok’s more delirious productions”. Thank you very much! 🙂


Rubadub is carrying it.

Juno is carrying it.


So it’s been a really busy time. I hope lots of people like Kleer – I think people are ready for some acid sounds now…


Post punk mix now up


Here: http://www.grievousangel.net/GAMixes/Post_Punk_Mix_Grievous_Angel.mp3

the stooges: down on the street / 1969

killing joke: requiem / 1980

siouxsie and the banshees: monitor / 1981

loop: vision stain / 1988

the young gods: nous de la lune / 1987

killing joke: tension / 1981

world domination enterprises: trouble enough / 1988

the membranes: spike milligan’s tape recorder / 1986

the birthday party: loose (live) / 1982

live skull: raise the manifestation / 1986

loop: mother sky / 1988



one take vinyl mix from original pressings by grievous angel



Techno Mix

Following the Black Dog’s devestating performance at the legendary Park Hill Flats I was inspired to do a new mix of  techno. Actually it’s been on my mind for a while because there is a big techno and acid revival brewing, partly with Jackmaster / Numbers playing techno (but with rewinds and MCs) and partly with people like Funk Butcher dropping bits of acid into funky sets. Naturally I have some acidic funky tunes ready to drop. But this set is mainly about the sheer visceral head rush of good techno, acid and hard house. I still have a lot of this stuff I want to put in a mix, especially things like Dave the Drummer’s gigantic The Speed Freak, Cosmic Trigger’s the Oracle etc.

It starts with a load of rave-destroying hard acid, drops down into more minimal techno, some tough house before spazzing out completely over Dubfire’s utterly bonkers refix of Plastikman’s Spastik. You’ll like it. It’s a 100% original vinyl mix in one take, for those of you who still care about such things.

It’s here. Worship the kick drum.

(Feel free to share the link: www.grievousangel.net/GAMixes/AcidTechnoMix-GrievousAngel.mp3)


Vinny Vincent & Harry Hash: The Siren (DJ Misjah Remix)

Mary Kiani: When I Call Your Name (Hardfloor Dub)

Fini Tribe: Squelch (DJ MIsjah Remix)

Chris Liberator:  System Test

The Drum Club: Exit 23 (Drum Club Remix)

Dave the Drummer: Coke Hakker

Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero Presents Inaya Day: Just Can’t Get Enough (Robbie Rivera’s Bangin’ Dub)

Shaboom: Bessie (DJ Sneak Remix)

Plastikman: Spastik 2010 (Dubfire Rework)

Alan Braxe: Vertigo (Virgo Edit)




Big new mix and interview up at Sonic Router!

The wonderful people at Sonic Router blog have been kind enough to host a big new mix from me, and do an interview, which is very good of them. In fact it’s an ambition fulfilled – Sonic Router is one of the absolute top blogs / sites out there and it’s a privelege to be featured.

Here’s the link for the interview and the mix: http://www.sonicrouter.com/2011/07/sr-mix-93-grievous-angel-keysound/

It’s number 93 in the series, which is of course quite amusing 🙂  as is the fact that it was posted right at the start of the Dog Daze of July.

Here’s some notes on the tracks:

Kerri Chandler & Monique Bingham: In The Morning (Lost Love Dub) [Bigga Sounds 2006]

Classy, groovy deep vocal house track, classic sound

Shackleton: Blood Rhythm (Grievous Angel Edit) (2011)

just a hint of my edit of this great track for atmosphere

Jamie Woon: Night Air [Ramadanman Remix] (Grievous Angel 130 Edit) [Candent Songs 2010]

Love this remix, and love playing it at 130 not 110 – special little edit from me. Great vocal tune obviously

Zander Hardy: Attack [Deep Teknologi Records 2010]

Taking it just a touch heavier now, so much great Deep Teknologi gear out there right now

Oddyssey: Use It Up and Wear It Out (Grievous Angel Edit) [RCA 1980]

Been meaning to work up an Odyssey refix since 2009, might send this out as a full edit some time

Unknown Soulja: Killing Kong [Unreleased 2010]

One of my absolute favourite tunes from 2010, brilliant refix by Unknown Soulja

Don Morris: Amiga [Deep Teknologi Records 2010]

Another great tough house sound from DT

Grievous Angel: Kleer [Unreleased 2011]

There’s an acid revival coming, here’s one of my contributions, big swooping acid arpeggios and harsh sawtooth stabs on a funky beat, want to put this out

DJ Gregory: Don’t Panic [Faya Combo 2009]

Quite simply one of the biggest house tunes ever made and a seminal influence on UK funky, still destroys the dance

T.Williams: Drumstrumental [Deep Teknologi Records 2010]

You know where I’m going with DT now 🙂

DiscoKaina: Click Me On (Grievous Angel Remix) [Unreleased 2011]

Cracking New York disco diva on a UK funky flex, Amy B is a fantastic vocalist, hot latin vocal action

DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto: Con Alegria (Solo ‘More Cowbell’ Remix) [Defected 2009]

Stepping up a gear now, more latin action!

Grievous Angel Vs Kalbata: Reload [Unreleased 2011]

Really heavy dread funky – brand new collaboration between me and the brilliant Kalbata who is one of my favourite producers. Wicked tune!

Grievous Angel feat. Rubi Dan: Move Down Low VIP [Soul Jazz 2010]

Probably my biggest tune. Still goes off.

Wiley: Electric Boogaloo (ROLLER EXPRESS RMX) [One Love 2010]

Amazing remix, love it so much, massive

Delphic: Halcyon. (L-Vis 1990 Remix) [Chimeric Records 2010]

LVis totally smacked it on this. Massive synths

Felix Da Housecat: Kick Drum [2009]

Weird half step house, really good, got into this when Cooly G started playing it, goes great at 140 over Loefah

Grievous Angel: Lush Vibes [Unreleased 2010]

Brand new thing from me, big synths, big melodies, proper performance, quite a few people been into this

Shackleton: Blood Rhythm (Grievous Angel Funky Remix) [Unreleased 2011]

Another version of Blood Rhythm, love this tune, can’t stop re-doing it!


So I’m pretty proud of this mix. Plenty more coming – another garage / dubstep one, a 4×4 UKG one, and an 80s rock one all waiting to go up!




New Grime Mix

grime volume 2

I’ve done a new grime mix 🙂

I’m putting it up for solstice, this is great midsummer music.

Grime Volume 2 Mixed By Grievous Angel

It’s here:


It’ll be up on my increasingly active Soundcloud page as well soon. Should be going out as a podcast on iTunes too (if that’s working yet).


Wiley Kat: Frostbite. Wiley Kat Records 2003

DJ Charmzy: Roller Coaster. Black Ops 2004

Youngstar: BongCat. DDJs Productions 2004

Jammer / Neckle Camp: Drive By. Neckle Records 2006

Slew Dem / Jammer: We Ain’t Got Time. Neckle Records 2006

Wiley: Eskiboy Remix. Southside Records 2006


Big$hot: Glitch. Southside Recordings 2003

Ruff Sqwad / Dirty Danger: RSMD Instrumental. No Hats No Hoods 2008

Dirty Danger / Ruff Sqwad: RSMD Vocal

Rossi B & Luca Feat. NASTY: Run For Cover. White 2005

Slew Dem / Spooky: Da Firing Range. Slew Dem Productions 2005

Wiley feat Jookie Mundo: I Got Lyrics. Southside Records 2006

Danny Weed: Kick Off. Dump Valve Recordings 2006

Rossi B and Luca: Nobody Knows. Heavy Artillery 2007

Slew Dem Feat Wiley, Skepta, Chronik & Esko: Bumbaclart Badman. Slew Dem Productions 2007

Starfox: Jumanji. Slimzos Recordings 2004

Slew Dem feat Angry , Chronik, Murkleman, Sickman , Skepta: Relay. Slew Dem Productions 2007

It’s a 46 minute, 105Mb 320.


New jungle mix! “Jungle Pressure”

Grievous Angel Presents Jungle Pressure

74 minutes of ruffneck ragga jungle with a few bits of techstep and jump-up added in. 100% vinyl.

Here: http://goo.gl/3twqs

Shabba Ranks: Lets Get It On (Beef Jpint) (Dillinja / Goldie remix)
Beenie Man: Gimme De Gal (DJ SS remix)
DBO General / Mickey Finn / Aphrodite: Some Justice 95 (Arsonist)
Krome & Time: Ganja Man
Shabba Ranks: Wicked Inna Bed (DJ SS remix)
Prisoners of Technology: Deadly Technique
MA2: Hearing is Believing
Prisoners of Technology: Ghetto Shit
Digital: Deadline
Congo Natty: Jah
Congo Natty: Jah Set It
Congo Natty: Fever 98
Digital: Fix Up ???
Digital: Sounds of Freedom
Congo Natty: Radical
Aphrodite: President
Congo Natty: Your Love
Digital Feat. YT: Hard Ears (Dem Can’t Hear Must Feel)

Recored live on 2 decks and a mixer Saturday 27th February 2011 at Grievous Angel Sound, Sheffield.

New grime mix


I love grime but I haven’t done that many grime mixes. I suppose the biggest one so far is the Grime in the Dancehall mix I did with John Eden for blogariddims. That was back in 2008 and not long after, I did this mix… and then never sent it to anyone other than John. I always thought it was alright but could’ve been just a bit better. Anyway, I’ve gone back to it and it sounds fine TBH so I’m happy to put it up, especially since I’ve got a few more grime mixes I want to get into. I mean, I still haven’t put up a mix with my favourite grime instrumental – in fact my favourite electronic record of all time – Big$hot’s Glitch. Trust me, that tune destroys the dance every time.

So this is a mix of mostly mid- to late-period grime, some instrumentals and some vocal cuts, with an emphasis on banging percussive FOWARD-ness. It’s only half an hour and I can’t remember what all the tunes are but they’re all good. I think you’ll like it.

It’s here: http://www.grievousangel.net/GAMixes/GrimeMix_GrievousAngel.mp3


Starfox: Jumanji / 2004

Slew Dem inst’l / 2007

Skepta, Wiley & Esco: Bumbaclart Badman / 2007

JME: Raptor / 2007

Crazy Titch: I’m Like You’re Like / ?

Tinchy Stryder – ft Chipmunk: Sorry U Are / 2008

Stage Show Riddim / 2008

Wiley: Fly Boy / 2008

Mark One: Amazon / 2002


Wiley: Carnival / ?


New mix of MC GARAGE!

I wanted to do a mix of rough as fuck MC-driven garage… the stuff that flowed from UK fast chat and US hiphop and eventually filtered into grime in 2002. And here it is – a new year’s present for you.

It is here. www.grievousangel.net/GAMixes/MC_Garage.mp3



Digital Dubz: Sound of Da Police Refix 1999

Busta Rhymes: Dangerous (Garage refix) 1999

Corrupted Cru feat. MC Neat: G.A.R.A.G.E. 1998

The Corrupted Crew: How Much Gal? 2000

DJ Luck and MC Neat: A Little Bit of Luck (DJ Luck and Shy Cookie Remix) 1999

Tasty Jay and Nicky Nai Feat MC Jenksy: Rinse Out 2000

Teebone, Sparks & Ki: Fly Bi 1999

Jameson: This One (Club Mix) 2000

DJ Chubbstarr & A Fernandes Feat MC Preshus: RInse Out 1999

Headtop: The Don Donna 1999

Uncouth Youth & MC Dee: Steppin’ Up 2000

Headtop: The Don Donna – Dub Mix 1999

Recorded 23/10/2010. All vinyl, two takes. 107Mb 320.

Next up is a grime mix… a really banging percussive one.

Mix for Blackdown Soundboy Volume One: Redux

blackdown soundboy mix volume 1
Martin Blackdown Clark was kind enough to let me remix Margins Music, his first album with Dusk, and to promo the release I did two mixes for his blog. This is the first one, re-mastered, tidied up a bit, and now available straight off this site rather than via a fileshare service. It’s a selection of hiphop, r’n’b, wigged out future garage, grime and dubstep, all in dub or refixed, and quite a bit louder and punchier than first time round.

Big up Martin and thanks to Shaun Bloodworth for letting me use this amazing photo of the light at FWD / Plastic People for both this mix and for the label of my Soundclash1 release on Keysound.

It’s here: http://www.grievousangel.net/GAMixes/GAMix4BlackdownVol1-REDUX.mp3

Please re-post / re-tweet etc.


0:00 Intro
0:09 MF Grimm / DJ Premier – International Rules
2:04 The Streets – Lets push things forward (Roll Deep Remix)
4:50 DJ Premier / Gangstarr: Mass Appeal (instrumental)
5:05 Blackdown: Beta
7:50 Joe: Rut
13:30 Untold & D Franklin: Beacon
14:30 Prince: Soft and Wet (screwed and chopped)
16:09 Pearson Sound: Gambetta
18:08 D’Angelo: One Mo Gin
22:21 Shortstuff: A Rustling
25:33 Prince: Black Sweat (Grievous Angel Refix)
27:45 Musical Mob: Pulse X
27:45 Blackdown: Defocused
28:56 Big$hot: Glitch
30:57 Ends