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I love grime but I haven’t done that many grime mixes. I suppose the biggest one so far is the Grime in the Dancehall mix I did with John Eden for blogariddims. That was back in 2008 and not long after, I did this mix… and then never sent it to anyone other than John. I always thought it was alright but could’ve been just a bit better. Anyway, I’ve gone back to it and it sounds fine TBH so I’m happy to put it up, especially since I’ve got a few more grime mixes I want to get into. I mean, I still haven’t put up a mix with my favourite grime instrumental – in fact my favourite electronic record of all time – Big$hot’s Glitch. Trust me, that tune destroys the dance every time.

So this is a mix of mostly mid- to late-period grime, some instrumentals and some vocal cuts, with an emphasis on banging percussive FOWARD-ness. It’s only half an hour and I can’t remember what all the tunes are but they’re all good. I think you’ll like it.

It’s here:


Starfox: Jumanji / 2004

Slew Dem inst’l / 2007

Skepta, Wiley & Esco: Bumbaclart Badman / 2007

JME: Raptor / 2007

Crazy Titch: I’m Like You’re Like / ?

Tinchy Stryder – ft Chipmunk: Sorry U Are / 2008

Stage Show Riddim / 2008

Wiley: Fly Boy / 2008

Mark One: Amazon / 2002


Wiley: Carnival / ?


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  1. Paul this is wicked – thanks for the heads up. You know, it always makes me think of those arguments on UKD when grime first emerged, about it not being danceable, etc. But to me, its got shitloads of propulsive energy, and some of it is total rave. Love the spinbacks and the cut up vibe. Sounds like you did it on vinyl?

    Oh and can I just add, that lovers rock mix… well, my girlfriend who is 2nd generation Jamaican absolutely went nuts over it. Every single tune she was into as a teenager. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so elated over music. And those mad echoey bits… really wicked. Always found lovers a bit too clean in the past, in the same way as mid nineties dancehall at the point where they first left the rootsy sound. But listening to this has made me look at it all in a different vibe. I also love how British it is. I was talking to an elderly jamaican taxi driver who knew Coxone and all those greats, when I mentioned lovers, he was quite blunt about it not being reggae…. surely its earned its place in the canon by now!

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