Techno Mix

Following the Black Dog’s devestating performance at the legendary Park Hill Flats I was inspired to do a new mix of  techno. Actually it’s been on my mind for a while because there is a big techno and acid revival brewing, partly with Jackmaster / Numbers playing techno (but with rewinds and MCs) and partly with people like Funk Butcher dropping bits of acid into funky sets. Naturally I have some acidic funky tunes ready to drop. But this set is mainly about the sheer visceral head rush of good techno, acid and hard house. I still have a lot of this stuff I want to put in a mix, especially things like Dave the Drummer’s gigantic The Speed Freak, Cosmic Trigger’s the Oracle etc.

It starts with a load of rave-destroying hard acid, drops down into more minimal techno, some tough house before spazzing out completely over Dubfire’s utterly bonkers refix of Plastikman’s Spastik. You’ll like it. It’s a 100% original vinyl mix in one take, for those of you who still care about such things.

It’s here. Worship the kick drum.

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Vinny Vincent & Harry Hash: The Siren (DJ Misjah Remix)

Mary Kiani: When I Call Your Name (Hardfloor Dub)

Fini Tribe: Squelch (DJ MIsjah Remix)

Chris Liberator:  System Test

The Drum Club: Exit 23 (Drum Club Remix)

Dave the Drummer: Coke Hakker

Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero Presents Inaya Day: Just Can’t Get Enough (Robbie Rivera’s Bangin’ Dub)

Shaboom: Bessie (DJ Sneak Remix)

Plastikman: Spastik 2010 (Dubfire Rework)

Alan Braxe: Vertigo (Virgo Edit)




Grievous Angel Interview and Mix for INVERTED AUDIO

My interview with Inverted Audio is now up. It’s here. PLUS, my new mix for Inverted Audio is also now up. This is the follow up to the Dub Tech mix from February – only all digital instead of all vinyl (and all the better for it).

It’s very percussive, deep, techy dubstep – the signature tunes here are probably from Peverelist and Ramadanman so that gives you an idea of what to expect. Plus a bit of techno-y funky, some future garage, some 3:2 to start, and a cheeky bit of r’n’b over thdriving 4×4. I am REALLY pleased with it. There are a couple of nice little dubs from Paul Hotflush on there that not many people have too.

Track list is in the lyrics tab but it’s here for your convenience:

Narcossist: Metronome (Grievous Angel Remix)
Grievous Angel: Culture Killer (Discomix)
Scuba: Klinik
Scuba: Volt
Untold: Dante
Pangaea: You And I
23Hz & Numaestro: Zumo (Sully Remix)
Ramadanman: Revenue
Peverelist: Infinity is Now
Ramadanman: Blimey
SP:MC Taiko Dub
Landslide: Parables (Ramadanman Instrumental Mix)
Kode 9 Vs LD: Bad
Cooly G: Dis Boy
Dfrnt: Headspace (Scuba Version)
Si Begg: I Do Not Dream (Scuba)
Uncle Bakongo: Baga
Jill Scott: A Long Walk
2562: Enforcers
Cooly G: Love Dub Refix