New mix: Mala and classic garage



This is a mix I’ve wanted to do to for a while – mainly because I wanted to listen to it . Yes, this is the sort of thing OneMan does so well, and has been doing for ages, but I think this is still really worth doing. Mala in particular has always had a really strong garage swing and this really brings it out. All classic tunes obviously – it starts deep and heavy, slowly moves up to the really intense section around Mountain Dread March, and then moves nicely into a load of 4×4 garage.

Enjoy – it’s here:



320K MP3; 132Mb



Groove Chronicles: Life is what you make it

Mala: Hunter

Groove Chronicles: Faith In You

Mala: Lean Forward

El-B: Beautiful Music

Mala: Bury da Bwoy

Groove Chronicles: Masterplan

Mala: Learn

Groove Chronicles: Black Puppet

Mala: Mountain Dread March

Same People: Dangerous (Crazy Bank Mix)

Mala: Anti War Dub

Wide Boys: She’s The One

Mala: Left leg out

It’s a new dawn

Mala: Alicia

Its a new dawn


100% original vinyl mix. March 2013.