so it was half-term this week in sheffield so I took the family on a trip to glasgow, broke my arm, came back and promptly got a stomach bug, hence the semi-random blogging today…

Who’d you vote for?

“Here are a few Reggae related ones that we check regularly, the emphasis tends to be less on older sounds and more on modern stuff… Let us know about any you check (not LP download sites though – we don’t deal with bootleggers) and just for a laugh, vote in the poll. We just hope that this doesn’t cause as many ructions as the previous article about messageboards 😉

B15 project

Thanks to all who have sent in information on the B15 project. It’s fascinating! There is I think scope for an article on UB40’s contribution to UK (and indeed JA) reggae – apart from the fact that the first album (and it’s dub version) is fantastic, they are actually a proper reggae band that has always had a black UK and JA audience as well as a pop audience. And their cover of Red Red Wine is, perhaps surprisingly, genuinely really good when you separate its musical essence out from the schmaltzy pop side. Eden has a magnificent refix of it with a fab MC on which he put on one of his end-of-year mixes. (He won’t let me host it!)

Anyway, some Discogs info on B15. First, the label: “Oracabessa Records was set up by Ali Campbell and Brian Travers (both known as leadsinger and sax player of UB40, respectively). Working from their studios in Oracabessa (St. Mary, Jamaica) and Birmingham (United Kingdom), the record label is used to promote Jamaican dancehall and reggae artists, mixing their vocals with UK 2-Step and other dance music.” Which is fascinating, obviously. Now B15 themselves: “Angus Campbell & Ian Wallman came up with the B-15 Project name because of their Birmingham postcode (B15).” So the comments box massive are bang on and it looks like a cousin of Ali Campbell. Good work all round!

Played on Rinse!

Thursday night was big for me.
Blackdown and Dusk did their first Keysound show on Rinse. And they played one of my tracks as their last tune! My first time getting played on Rinse. It was a VIP thing called Lady Dub which is the first in a series of Devotional Dubz. More stuff like this is on the way…