On the wire returns

The legendary Steve Barker wrotes with news of a special show from on the wire:

“On the Wire will broadcast the second art of “Rudies On the Wire” on Saturday 20th February 2010, 10 through till 12 midnight on BBC Radio Lancashire (103.9FM, 95.5FM, 104.5FM – not on DAB or MW) the show will also be found on the net at www.onthewire.uk.com. The first part “Rudies On the Wire” is archived at January 2010 on the show’s website www.otwradio.blogspot.com. As usual selections are from OTW co-conspirator Harry “Mr. Classics” Hawkes.

Previous vintage shows originally broadcast in the early nineties can now be found at:
These include:

Ø Spear On The Wire – including archive interview with Mr. Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear following his gig at Cleopatra’s in Huddersfield in 1980
Ø Rockers On The Wire Broadcast On Radio Lancashire 24/6/90 2-5pm – an Augustus Pablo tribute
Ø Scorcher On The Wire – Broadcast On BBC Radio Lancashire 16/7/89 2-5pm broadcast in tribute to Mr. Clement “Coxsone” Dodd
Ø Yabby You On the Wire Broadcast 26/8/90 – in tribute to Vivian Jackson
Ø Scratch On the Wire mc’d by Mr. Lee Perry himself
Ø Dentist On The Wire (aka Keith Hudson)
Ø Moods On the Wire – A tribute to the work of Mr. Harry Mudie

The site’s search facility will locate other specials from Wailing Souls, Andy Capp, Derrick Harriott, I Roy vs. Jazzbo, Jimmy Radway (Fe me Time) and recently a two partner on Bob Andy’s Songbook featuring album, single and dub/instrumental versions of the classic tunes from arguably reggae’s greatest song/vocal album. The original “Dubs On the Wire” shows from the late eighties are still to be archived on to the site.

Forthcoming for 2010 and onwards is a Randy’s special with Clive Chin (from Beijing), an overdue retrospective on Desmond Dekker, a three part King Tubby’s Special including guest selectors and a riddim-riot from Rhythm-Master Glen Brown.”

Grievous Angel promo mix for Twilight Soundsystem

Twilight Circus is a truly FANTASTIC reggae / dub outfit run by Ryan Moore. He has done LOADS of albums and most of them are really, REALLY good. Like, good enough to mistake for Tubby.

So he asked me to do a mix for him and I spent a few months last year doing it – a dj mix of dub-pon-dub riddim excursions, all in a grime / dubstep friendly 140bpm format. In a way it presaged the remix album that’s forthcoming on Keysound, where I remixed the whole of the Blackdown and Dusk album and mixed it together.

The Twilight Circus mix is now up on his site – been there a while I think – and I truly recommend you check it out. Trust me, this one’s heavy! GET IT HERE. http://www.grievousangel.net/GAMixes/Twilight_Circus_In_Dub_Grievous_Angel_Mix_2020_remaster.mp3

Check out the vocalists he’s got! Talk about a-list!

Love Dub Remix
Big Youth – Love is What We Need
Big Youth – Dub Is What We Need
Luciano – What We Got to Do (Acoustic mix)
Luciano – What We Got to Do (Zion Train mix)
Luciano – What We Got to Do
Luciano – What We Got to Do (G Corp mix)
Twilight Circus – Fams
Twilight Circus – Fams (Jacklight mix)
Twilight Circus – Depth Charge
Mykal Rose – No Burial
Mykal Rose – No Burial (Manasseh Mix)
Mykal Rose – No Burial (Rob Smith Remix)
Ranking Joe – Poor Man Struggle
Ranking Joe – Poor Man Version
Twilight Circus – Thunder
Twilight Circus – Rolling Thunder
Twilight Circus – Rolling Thunder (Parice Scott Minor Remix)
Ranking Joe – Don’t Follow Babylon (Blood & Fire Meets Wai Wan Remix – Dub Shop Style)
Twilight Circus – Dub Babylon
Ranking Joe – Don’t Follow Babylon
Ranking Joe – World in Dub
Ranking Joe – World in Trouble
Twilight Circus – 808 (GYS Remix)
Twilight Circus – 808 Dub Plate
Ranking Joe – Don’t Try To Use Me
Twilight Circus – Shaka
Twilight Circus – Shaka (Alter Echo Remix)

Gutter on Night Dubbing

Did you know Imagination made a dub album? I didn’t until I found this. I can quite happily listen to a reggae dub album without having heard the original versions, though it does sometimes concern me that I’m not really appreciating the engineer’s art because I don’t know the original song. In pop terms, it would be like listening to The Human League’s “Love & Dancing” remix album without having ever heard “Dare”, which would be an insane thing to do, surely?

Yeah, I was always a huge fan of Love and Dancing (I put the Hard Times remix on my Fake It Til You Make It: 80s Dance Music In Dub mix that I did a few years back), much more so than Dare. I was always a version man!

But the Imagination dub record – which was before Love and Dancing – was a very big record for me, first time round. Back then everyone in Essex were big imagination fans (though admittedly few were also Cabaret Voltaire fans). But Night Dubbing, which I had on a shonky little tape, was something else and confused most people, though for me it was a direct link between this and the Scientist stuff I was beginning to access at that time. We used to pass round the box at lunch times at school, reading the tracks and marvelling at the idea that they could be so drastically remodelled. I remember when the trendies were going mad over the Peech Boys’ Don’t Make Me Wait a few years later and I kept on thinking “Have you actually heard Imagination?” Of course the big debate at the time was “Are they gay?” It was obvious that Leee John was but the hard man soul boys couldn’t leave it alone. The NF types were a different matter. I really liked the way that it was obviously derived from gay dance music while avoiding hi-nrg cliche, and the way that it looped around (without actually confronting) the heteronormativity of reggae. It made perfect sense in the context of electro and (just) pre-AIDS dance music. I don’t think it’s wrong to think of this record as a mountain rather than a mole hill – it was an explicit link in the chain of UK derivations of black American dance music that led onto the rave scene, in Essex at least, and the sheer intoxicating drugginess of Night Dubbing created the right climate. Dub is black psychedelia after all and this fits right in with Hendrix, though it was never quite extreme enough; too much reverb’ed piano, not enough low end or noise. Then again it was a HUGE fuck record for a couple of years. A bit of a landmark for me, this one, though not as much as African Dub Chapter 3 or 2×45.