Free downloads going up on Bandcamp

I’ve got a page on Bandcamp for free downloads.

I’ve got a load of tunes now, too many for any future album. I’m going to give away some of the better ones.

There might be some paid-for ones in the future. I also want to start hosting dubz in there too when I work it out.

I’m at

I’ve got two tracks up so far. Darkness is that folk / garage tune that Mary Anne played and which was up on my site for a while. It’s good, I’d do a better mixdown now though. There’s a load more folk tunes I want to do. There’s an Eliza Carthy sample that’s been going through my head for months, for example.

Erzulie is this wonky thing that’s the companion piece to Harpy (on the flip of Soundclash).

There’ll probably be some funky up there soon.

On the wire returns

The legendary Steve Barker wrotes with news of a special show from on the wire:

“On the Wire will broadcast the second art of “Rudies On the Wire” on Saturday 20th February 2010, 10 through till 12 midnight on BBC Radio Lancashire (103.9FM, 95.5FM, 104.5FM – not on DAB or MW) the show will also be found on the net at The first part “Rudies On the Wire” is archived at January 2010 on the show’s website As usual selections are from OTW co-conspirator Harry “Mr. Classics” Hawkes.

Previous vintage shows originally broadcast in the early nineties can now be found at:
These include:

Ø Spear On The Wire – including archive interview with Mr. Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear following his gig at Cleopatra’s in Huddersfield in 1980
Ø Rockers On The Wire Broadcast On Radio Lancashire 24/6/90 2-5pm – an Augustus Pablo tribute
Ø Scorcher On The Wire – Broadcast On BBC Radio Lancashire 16/7/89 2-5pm broadcast in tribute to Mr. Clement “Coxsone” Dodd
Ø Yabby You On the Wire Broadcast 26/8/90 – in tribute to Vivian Jackson
Ø Scratch On the Wire mc’d by Mr. Lee Perry himself
Ø Dentist On The Wire (aka Keith Hudson)
Ø Moods On the Wire – A tribute to the work of Mr. Harry Mudie

The site’s search facility will locate other specials from Wailing Souls, Andy Capp, Derrick Harriott, I Roy vs. Jazzbo, Jimmy Radway (Fe me Time) and recently a two partner on Bob Andy’s Songbook featuring album, single and dub/instrumental versions of the classic tunes from arguably reggae’s greatest song/vocal album. The original “Dubs On the Wire” shows from the late eighties are still to be archived on to the site.

Forthcoming for 2010 and onwards is a Randy’s special with Clive Chin (from Beijing), an overdue retrospective on Desmond Dekker, a three part King Tubby’s Special including guest selectors and a riddim-riot from Rhythm-Master Glen Brown.”

OneMan on Doc Daneeka

“O: All the values I enjoyed in early garage, especially the bpm, the shuffle, the beat base – it’s all coming back again with this new stuff. The whole 'new Wot Do U Call It dark house, Martin Kemp, Doc Daneeka thing” is that I think it fills a gap in where house is meeting dubstep at the moment and I think its really important and relevant to both scenes, because its like what I hear in those records is what definitely what I heard in dubstep in 2004/05 – just a sense of space and atmosphere, not so much about the melody but just bass beats and weird odd sounds.”

Amply demonstrated at Doc Daneeka’s fantastic set at the Harley last night. The pure rhythm, garage-tempo bass and drum, massive subs and crisp beats, that’s what’s working right now.

Though interestingly the biggest reaction of the night was for speed garage, really made the whole venue jump. Bodes well for my remix of Gremino’s Bee and Cee which pretty much merked it on Blackdown and Dusk’s Rinse show in January.

I missed Ben UFO last night though, just too knackered to make it. Would have been good to see what the best DJ in the country is drawing for at the moment to triangulate with Doc Daneeka and OneMan.