OneMan on Doc Daneeka

“O: All the values I enjoyed in early garage, especially the bpm, the shuffle, the beat base – it’s all coming back again with this new stuff. The whole 'new Wot Do U Call It dark house, Martin Kemp, Doc Daneeka thing” is that I think it fills a gap in where house is meeting dubstep at the moment and I think its really important and relevant to both scenes, because its like what I hear in those records is what definitely what I heard in dubstep in 2004/05 – just a sense of space and atmosphere, not so much about the melody but just bass beats and weird odd sounds.”

Amply demonstrated at Doc Daneeka’s fantastic set at the Harley last night. The pure rhythm, garage-tempo bass and drum, massive subs and crisp beats, that’s what’s working right now.

Though interestingly the biggest reaction of the night was for speed garage, really made the whole venue jump. Bodes well for my remix of Gremino’s Bee and Cee which pretty much merked it on Blackdown and Dusk’s Rinse show in January.

I missed Ben UFO last night though, just too knackered to make it. Would have been good to see what the best DJ in the country is drawing for at the moment to triangulate with Doc Daneeka and OneMan.

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