Big new mix and interview up at Sonic Router!

The wonderful people at Sonic Router blog have been kind enough to host a big new mix from me, and do an interview, which is very good of them. In fact it’s an ambition fulfilled – Sonic Router is one of the absolute top blogs / sites out there and it’s a privelege to be featured.

Here’s the link for the interview and the mix:

It’s number 93 in the series, which is of course quite amusing 🙂  as is the fact that it was posted right at the start of the Dog Daze of July.

Here’s some notes on the tracks:

Kerri Chandler & Monique Bingham: In The Morning (Lost Love Dub) [Bigga Sounds 2006]

Classy, groovy deep vocal house track, classic sound

Shackleton: Blood Rhythm (Grievous Angel Edit) (2011)

just a hint of my edit of this great track for atmosphere

Jamie Woon: Night Air [Ramadanman Remix] (Grievous Angel 130 Edit) [Candent Songs 2010]

Love this remix, and love playing it at 130 not 110 – special little edit from me. Great vocal tune obviously

Zander Hardy: Attack [Deep Teknologi Records 2010]

Taking it just a touch heavier now, so much great Deep Teknologi gear out there right now

Oddyssey: Use It Up and Wear It Out (Grievous Angel Edit) [RCA 1980]

Been meaning to work up an Odyssey refix since 2009, might send this out as a full edit some time

Unknown Soulja: Killing Kong [Unreleased 2010]

One of my absolute favourite tunes from 2010, brilliant refix by Unknown Soulja

Don Morris: Amiga [Deep Teknologi Records 2010]

Another great tough house sound from DT

Grievous Angel: Kleer [Unreleased 2011]

There’s an acid revival coming, here’s one of my contributions, big swooping acid arpeggios and harsh sawtooth stabs on a funky beat, want to put this out

DJ Gregory: Don’t Panic [Faya Combo 2009]

Quite simply one of the biggest house tunes ever made and a seminal influence on UK funky, still destroys the dance

T.Williams: Drumstrumental [Deep Teknologi Records 2010]

You know where I’m going with DT now 🙂

DiscoKaina: Click Me On (Grievous Angel Remix) [Unreleased 2011]

Cracking New York disco diva on a UK funky flex, Amy B is a fantastic vocalist, hot latin vocal action

DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto: Con Alegria (Solo ‘More Cowbell’ Remix) [Defected 2009]

Stepping up a gear now, more latin action!

Grievous Angel Vs Kalbata: Reload [Unreleased 2011]

Really heavy dread funky – brand new collaboration between me and the brilliant Kalbata who is one of my favourite producers. Wicked tune!

Grievous Angel feat. Rubi Dan: Move Down Low VIP [Soul Jazz 2010]

Probably my biggest tune. Still goes off.

Wiley: Electric Boogaloo (ROLLER EXPRESS RMX) [One Love 2010]

Amazing remix, love it so much, massive

Delphic: Halcyon. (L-Vis 1990 Remix) [Chimeric Records 2010]

LVis totally smacked it on this. Massive synths

Felix Da Housecat: Kick Drum [2009]

Weird half step house, really good, got into this when Cooly G started playing it, goes great at 140 over Loefah

Grievous Angel: Lush Vibes [Unreleased 2010]

Brand new thing from me, big synths, big melodies, proper performance, quite a few people been into this

Shackleton: Blood Rhythm (Grievous Angel Funky Remix) [Unreleased 2011]

Another version of Blood Rhythm, love this tune, can’t stop re-doing it!


So I’m pretty proud of this mix. Plenty more coming – another garage / dubstep one, a 4×4 UKG one, and an 80s rock one all waiting to go up!




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