Soundclash bigged up by Boomkat

Niiice review from Boomkat! Pleased with that.


Soundclash is the best thing I’ve ever done. Maybe the best thing I’ll ever do. It’s massive, it moves the crowd every time people play it. But it’s a choon – a song – it’s not a mix tool, though Atki2 uses it that way, it’s a record that people connect to. It’s worth having.

Harpy compared to Wiley… like that… Harpy’s arpeggiated heavy jazz wonk out of eski-bizniz… I’ll take that…

Soundclash full release is here

Soundclash artwork is here. It looks amazing. The photography was specially comissioned and is of a little corner of London that us of great personal and psychogeographical importance to me. Very happy about this!