Ice Rink Funky Remix ERZULIE03 dropping soon


The next Grievous Angel release in my guise as BUBBLEZ is about to drop on Devotional Dubz… my third release on my own 100% bootleg label is the funky remix of Wiley’s magnificent ICE RINK featuring Riko. I reckon this is the ultimate UK gun man tune in any genre and definitely the ultimate funky gun man tune. Serious Ogun business.

As you know this has been caned already by loads of top DJs… FACT Magazine already covered it as a track of the week… It’s a good tune. And it has to be. Ice Rink is one of THE seminal grime tracks, it’s just awesome. Here’s video of the original with Kano et al.

Anyway. It’s out soon. Well it should be, I’ve had the TPs and they sound alright so it shouldn’t be long. There won’t be many of them and there won’t be a repress.

Audio in the CrazyLegs mix I did here.

I’ll let you know when it drops.

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