Chatter for 2009-06-26

  • @TKGMusic what style is that tune? in reply to TKGMusic #
  • @starkbotbeats uh me too suddenly stopped talking to server. Pissing me off! in reply to starkbotbeats #
  • Tomorrow the new mix for crazylegs goes up. Its big, deep, as banging as you'd want it, VERY dubby, but sweet too. Garage, funky & house. #
  • RT @martinclarkLDN: Hyped about Rinse tonight – we're all hyped about rinse tonight! #
  • @TKGMusic yes – which of your many styles are you displaying on TKG3 🙂 in reply to TKGMusic #
  • @starkbotbeats SMTP issues on iPhone getting to be a real pain… in reply to starkbotbeats #
  • @UK_FUNKY I'll send you the URL when it goes live tomorrow. You will need a promo of Loser / Move Down Low as well, coming out July 13th! in reply to UK_FUNKY #
  • MJ in cardiac arrest #
  • Times: #
  • RT @ScubaUK: Prince was better anyway. – Yeah but MJ had Quincy Jones. Off the Wall… chooooooooon #
  • RT @jimitheexploder: fuck me Dusk & Blackdown are going in HARD right now! #
  • @colz yeah it was! in reply to colz #
  • FUCK the recording of dusk and blackdown just broke. Missed all that great funky in the first hour. Bummer. Have to make do with shitty 64k #
  • @ramadanman that new tune is awesome – oity?!?! #
  • I'll try and post the second half tomorrow. sleep now! #
  • re-editing the broken tune #
  • RT @tom_watson: Most devoted fan video award? Thriller. In Lego. #
  • RT @davidhepworth: Not many people remember that Steven Wells used to be a regular on "Whistle Test". Oh yeah! I'd forgotten that #
  • RT @crazylegsclub: CRAZYLEGS 002: mixed by Grievous Angel – OUT NOw!!! GO RT! It's worth a listen #
  • RT @baobinga: FREE Baobinga breakstep riddim – – and don't forget the Derrick Carter mix – 🙂 #
  • @dub_u big up fella, when we going to get a new mix from you? in reply to dub_u #

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