Chatter for 2009-09-15

  • I love Tim F (via @BenUFO) hear hear. Must send tim some tunes #
  • @martinclarkLDN underground post internet is nothing like underground pre internet trust. You really had to WORK to find stuff in the 80s in reply to martinclarkLDN #
  • great video of @Kode9 playing Sheffield with a teeny snippet of Move Down Low. 1st GA on UTube #
  • stacks of good tunes in that vid. some wicked 3:2 gear that I don't think has come out yet. I was there, he destroyed the place! #
  • The soundclash promo clip on youtube: out soon I promise. master sounds wicked! #
  • @PTCHFRKR I think there'll be a simultaneous vinyl and digital release – it's on Keysound so it's a professional thing 🙂 in reply to PTCHFRKR #
  • done this really lush groovy 140bpm garage thing that's ever so slightly broken #
  • @WebstarrUK about 6 months ago at the Tuesday club. he really was great! in reply to WebstarrUK #
  • @BasijiFuckGoats yeah there's a LOT of swing in that tune, proper heavy halfstep, proper shakes you up. must use that in this new mix… in reply to BasijiFuckGoats #
  • fuck. just been sent an atki2 beat that will destroy the world when it comes out. pure deep bristol vibes awesome! #
  • @ZombyLDN joker did a goodjob remixing the heavy in reply to ZombyLDN #
  • Crissy criss remix of deekline is hilarious. Dunno if it's actually good but I do like it! ADD funk #
  • @bat020 now I have War's Low Rider playing in my head. wicked in reply to bat020 #

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