Hot new octapush tunes coming your way

You already know how heavy octapush are live, right? Well, they rock it with a fantastic combination of low end heft and latin-meets-ragga beats. They had a great cut on Soul Jazz Records’ Stepper’s Delight compilation, blew up the Red Bull Stage at this year’s Sonar in Barcelona as well as the Glade Festival, and have a  unique sound which combines the Lisbon Kuduro sound with elements of Garage, Dancehall and Techno. You’ll like it. And they’ve got a corking 12 out on Iberian records in a couple of weeks.

Main cut Deixa is a fantastic bit of karnival style banging niceness with ragga beats and 8 bit basslines. Top latino MCing from Toni Clean. Fabulous.

Baila Mundo is even better – hard bouncy jump up with the wonderful MC Zulu – he wot worked with Ghislain Poirier on Go Ballistic, which I remixed.

Dubshhh is what happens when wobble meets rave – cracking little tune actually. They’ve got better ones though.

Buy to pep up your funky sets with something with a bit of welly that’ll still get the girls on the floor. Really good stuff, not deep but proper bangers. Out 2nd November through ST Holdings 2009

02 November 2009

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