Chatter for 2009-10-06

  • @shortstuffmusic Ah! Yes. Yr right. I just write whatever beats are given to me. Was getting lots of funky before. All broken 140 ATM! in reply to shortstuffmusic #
  • Actually I don't test for mixability enough. Should have live on hand to test all new beats from first 16 bar loop. #
  • Second tp of the day. Ice rink refix / erzulie03. Bouncy! Stick it with @mrroska or @coolyg and you've got the dance moving, trust me #
  • The Latin drum ritual edit of ice rink sounds good, lots of cool edits in there i'd forgotten about. Mix tool! But watch out for mdl VIP… #
  • @GabrielHeatwave phew that's a relief! in reply to GabrielHeatwave #
  • @grievousangeluk I played Riko the Ice Rink vocal on Saturday and he loves it. Then we totally forgot to do it live (cont) #
  • Off to see marcus brigstock, should be a right good evening! #
  • @grievousangeluk haha. We played it before @GabrielHeatwave got there. Felt a lil nervous tbh. (via @SteakhouseBeats) LOL don't blame you #
  • is listening to some new 2010 NHNH releases whooooooooooooooooi (via @dirtycanvas) #
  • Brigstock great – heartwarming, sharp, even handed, and very very funny. Left feeling uplifted. #
  • Ace jazz funk playing #
  • @baobinga oooh I like a bit of wonky- 9th-chord, fusion-inflected funk. I /am/ from Essex/ east London #soulboy in reply to baobinga #
  • @DuskKeysound monsterbass is the best night in the UK IMO in reply to DuskKeysound #
  • The ancient mac I made stuff like culture killer on… Been in a box for 4 years but started up 1st time #

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