Summer breakbeat madness

It’s getting sultry, the trees are overburdened with erotic flowers,
sweet sticky fragrances everywhere invade the nostrils, and the moon is
waxing just past the crescent — it is, in short, time to get down to
some funky breakbeats.

This is a fairly banging selection of hyped up, ragga-flavoured
breakbeat cuts that have, in the main, been fucked up almost beyond
recognition. Most are fairly old school — some very old school — and
all the better for it.

Pirates of the Caribbean Vol 2: U Won’t Get Away
Selectah: Wede Man
RhythmMasters: The Rush
Kicks Like A Mule: DJ Talk
The Ragga Twins: Illegal Gunshot
Renegade Soundwave: The Phantom
Dee Patten: Who’s the Badman
Meat Beat Manifesto: Radio Babylon

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