My cairn.

I’ve built a nice little cairn in one corner of my garden, which makes me feel all warm inside. Here’s a picture of it.

The cairn in the corner of my garden. Neat isn't it?

It’s oriented east, cos that was the best spot for it, but that’s kind of good for me — earthing air and all that. It’s right underneath an evergreen tree (dunno what kind — I’m not exactly druidic in my knowledge of trees, I just like hugging them ). There’s some wicked plants round it — I like the spikey ones!

I didn’t think at all while I was doing it — meaning I wasn’t mentally verbalising all the time, just using intuition. It hasn’t fallen down yet. The wooden icon (a glyph?) was a random piece that was hanging around which I just stuck in. I think it works well.

Junglist summer

As soon as the sun begins to take hold, right-thinking people everywhere
dust off their copies of Niney the Observer’s Blood & Fire to
sound-track those lazy hot days. But sadly, the fun has to stop when you
go out to your favourite jump up club nite, because there was no jungle
version of this track — until now. Grievous Angel has finally scratched
the itch and it’s pretty sweet.

Here’s the label of the 7-inch pre:

Blood & Fire 7