Chatter for 2009-09-04

  • Off to see dinosaur jnr with an old mate. Bizarre! But might be good. Glad of a night out. #
  • M ove down low 2009 is done. Still not clean enough for my liking but not bad. Much more banging than the first release. Door slams! #
  • Wish I was there. Beyond Tonight (via @colz) #
  • Anyone going 2 #beyond let me know if funky's rhythm template is evolving or… Not… #
  • @maryannehobbs sorry to hearabout your break in, your spirit will be unbroken in reply to maryannehobbs #
  • Air burst – really good rock band #
  • Air burst – really good rock band. Lots of bounce and fun. Can play vit nake a big moise. Bigged up the bassist. #
  • Dinosaur jr have the worst live sound ever. Just a mess. Vocals are inaudible. Probably quite goodif you could hear anything. Underwhelmed #
  • £16 to watch your stoner uncle do out of tune noodle is maybe not such a good deal #
  • @bat020 I think you'll like it anyway. Musically conservative and innovative simultaneously but so much flava.cAtch Cooly g, deep house tho in reply to bat020 #
  • @Safetyboy dreadful sound and one truck ponies, lyricism excised live 🙁 in reply to Safetyboy #
  • @joemuggs not good! Dino jr prob quite nice on record but deafened by cruddy sound in reply to joemuggs #
  • @joemuggs the leadmill with house pa – notoriously bad system. Ears are still ringing! in reply to joemuggs #
  • Slackk Bambara fly – best funky I've heard since @lvis1990. Eski house is the future #

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