Gender and the nuum, Reynolds doing it properly

Posted up last month but in development for some time, though clearly freshly updated, Reynolds on gender and aggression within the nuum.  Comes with some interesting re-assessments of grime (read: “REYNOLDS STILL LIKES GRIME SHOCK”), some attractively snark-free analysis of dubstep (if you ignore the comments): THE NUUM AND ITS DISCONTENTS, # 5: MASCULINE PRESSURE: or,(REAP)PRAISING THE “HARD” IN HARDCORE. via Energy Flash.

I think the main point I would make in reflecting on Simon’s piece is that there is perhaps a cycle between the different male archetypes – from gangsta to lover to rebel to mystic etc, and back again. Lots of performers / MCs will cycle through these personae in the course of a set. Or at least, a career. Just look at Wiley, James Brown, Marley etc. Certainly, scenes will cycle through these archetypes. So dubstep majors on the mystic persona, which is a natural evolution from and complementary to grime’s gangsta persona, which is a natural evolution from garage’s lover persona, etc. You can often see reggae performers deliberately take on these different persona in the course of a single performance. And all the different scenes can occupy multiple personae – but one tends to dominate. So garage had gangsta elements, mystic elements, rebel / political elements etc as well as the Lover archetype.

So it’s less a case of these being divergent paths as points on a continuum.

I think I might be about to put different phases of the nuum on different sephiroth of the tree of life, and no good will come of that, so I will stop now!

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