Chatter for 2009-08-09

  • @baobinga serious am playing your stuff alongside new mj cole tonight in reply to baobinga #
  • @pangaeauk u dun know in dalston w/ me and @lvis1990 🙂 in reply to pangaeauk #
  • Fuck is EVERYONE going to producers house? Oh well. If noone turns up I'll just play loads of garage, grime ad funky and get pissed! #
  • Fuck is EVERYONE going to producers house? I'll just play loads of garage, grime ad funky and get pissed! #
  • @shortstuffmusic play loads of garage grime and funky and get pissed 🙂 in reply to shortstuffmusic #
  • @laurent_fintoni yeah at u dun know, video visions bar dalston- 588 kingsland high st iirc in reply to laurent_fintoni #
  • @MjaBradshaw no worries it will be great 🙂 in reply to MjaBradshaw #
  • @MolliFire thank you in reply to MolliFire #
  • Wicked time at u dun know big up @unknownsouljah. Played garage, ragga techno, grime, dubstep, funky. Thank you 🙂 #
  • Now at john eden's listening to dub #
  • @baobinga fuck yea. RAggipahop sounded SICK. @mjcole's gear sounded fabulous too, thank you for them! in reply to baobinga #
  • @baobinga raggipahop must go OFF in Bristol surely?! Your tunes are really good, proper party gear, there's not enough of it. in reply to baobinga #
  • Abyssinians kingdom rise / kingdom fall dub – drawn out but amazing #
  • Wow. Stoley Church street is unbelievably posh now. Nice though #
  • @SteakhouseBeats gig was good. Garage and Techy 3:2 deepness at start, some erykah, massive bass work out, ragga-tinged funky apocalypse in reply to SteakhouseBeats #
  • @bok_bok how was producers house? in reply to bok_bok #
  • @bok_bok my set went ok, bashy funky from mjcole, baobinga & me did good, some heavy bass grime/dubstep, some erykah. Reecha was excellent in reply to bok_bok #
  • In a cab in Sheffield heading out to a picnic on the peak district in blazing sunshine! #
  • Random punter last night: have you got any hiphop? No, got some rnb. Got any dubstep? (while el b 2000 is playing) this is dubstep … #

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