Chatter for 2009-08-07

  • RT @ZombyLDN: Genius of love… choooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn #
  • @joemuggs lol check wet look too. Lovely bloke btw – the real thing. Back story is NUTS. Sworn to secrecy. He'll be a star #joyorbison #
  • getting ready for radio tonight. from 8-10PM. new beats from simbad, floating points, untold, pangaea, joy orbison (via @BenUFO) #
  • @joemuggs I want to be charitable about sr. So I am. #
  • So. Harpy VIP is now where I want it. What to do tonight? Need to do erzulie03 mixdown but want to make wobble. Tastefully, mind. #
  • RT @joemuggs: @grievousangeluk Wet Look is like a POST CRUNK STELLA! #joyorbison #
  • @joemuggs: Wet Look reinvents garage. it's a good tune. get in touch with him now before he's impossible to get to… #
  • RT @maryannehobbs: @grievousangeluk @sbtrkt gentlemen.. you were spectacular . thank you so much 🙂 #
  • @maryannehobbs you're a legend. that was a top show all round. @sbtrkt has some choons innit. in reply to maryannehobbs #
  • I like to bang it hard rave style but with good music. #
  • listening to laura marling… fucking amazing record… just gets better and better and better #
  • listening to laura marling… fucking amazing record… just gets better. Actually a more complete album than the imagined village #folk #
  • i like to slam down massive wobblers before pulling out my d'n'b – you know, proper music ^^^ #simonreynoldsisawobblefan #
  • @shortstuffmusic @maryannehobbs glockenspiels losing out to claves! #
  • @coreymaass thanks corey. Live i'm half garage and dubstep and half funky / wheredoyoucallit in reply to coreymaass #
  • thing is… if caspa remixed hyph mngo…it could be a great record… #
  • @coreymaass yeah big up subswara been right on it! in reply to coreymaass #
  • @laripley Wobblies vs levellers etc "the world turned upside down". Knee trembler not wobbler lol 🙂 #

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