The Fast Chat Special for Dave Stelfox’ resonance FM radio show

Fast Chat
Dave Stelfox is one of, if not the, most important reggae writers in Britain. It’s a privilege just knowing him: he’s a force for good in the world. But it’s an honour of significant proportions to be asked to contribute to the radio show he is running on the wonderful Resonance FM. This is the second show we’ve done and it’s a fun thing to do! A lot of people have askd for an mp3 of the show and while I don’t have that (yet – I’m hoping to host as many of the shows as I can, for a while at least) I do have a good mp3 of the original file. The details are below…

Originally broadcast on Resonance FM on 19-04-2006

Selection and Mix by John Eden
Edits and FX by Paul Meme

0:00: YT: England Story (White)
0:45: Maxi priest: Sensimilla (White)
2:23: Papa Levi: Mi God Mi King (Taxi)
5:07: Tippa Irie and Daddy Colonel: Jus a Speak (UK Bubblers)
6:14: Daddy Rusty: No No Way (UK Bubblers)
7:08: Daddy Sandy: Riddle Bubble (UK Bubblers)
8:10: Asher Senator: The Original Car Style (Fashion)
11:03: Tippa Irie: It’s Good to Have the Feeling You’re the Best (UK Bubblers)
14:00: Leslie Lyric: Blind Date (UK Bubblers)
16:28: Smiley Culture: Cockney Translation (Fashion)
18:17: Papa Levi: Bonnie & Clyde (Island)
21:23: Asher Senator: Fast Style Origination (Fashion)
25.00: Ends

Email for a link. Some invites have gone out already.

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