DMZ in Sheffield, very very soon now…

… I can feel the vibes… so excited… can’t wait for the bass weight…

I dunno if it’s the done thing or not but I put some requests in… I doubt very much if Mala takes requests from some random fan off the internet but you never know, I might strike lucky — and if you don’t ask, you don’t get… Here’s what I wanted:


Wailers: Hypocrite
Johnny Clarke: Don’t Trouble Trouble
YT: England Story (or anything on 85 riddim)
Asher Senator: Fast Chat Originator
Tippa Irie: It’s Good to have the Felling You’re the Best
Anything on the Hard drive riddim
Any Jammy’s versions of Throw Me Corn
Anything on Water Pumping or Boxing riddims


DMZ: Mood Dub (please please please!!)
DMZ: Conference
Loefah: Mud
Dusk & BlackDown: Lata / Crackle blues
Random Trio: Indian Stomp
K9’s Kingstown… and Ghost Town
Skream: Dutch Flowers / Lightning / Smiley Faces

Here goes nuttin’…

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