Hell Science Dept

And while I’m at it, the new one from Hell Science Dept is cracking. Tough tech-steppy dubstep — not the sweet, soulful shimmer I’m lusting after — I’ve been litening to lots of 80s-vintage Womack and 60s folk-soul recently — but very good nevertheless. And you can get it digitally from Juno for not much cash.

Autonomic’s new dubstep mix

Well, look, yes, I know you can’t download it RIGHT NOW, but you’ll need your copy as soon as the server is back up. Go on. www.riddim.ca. It’s not hard! Maybe barefiles will have it before May. I don’t know. Just use your loaf.

It’s brilliant, of course. The grime / dubstep mix from last year was, as you know, literally inspirational. The new one lacks vocal pressure — less grime — but it kicks like a mule. The re-edits are absolutely breath-taking. Seriously. It’s fairly obviou that my mix and his mix are close bedfellows.

BTW, Dubstep Sufferah is going to be up at Barefiles soon, but feel free to drop by here and get a link from me if you want a link.