Cosmic shoes, man

“When the starry dynamo was working at full-tilt and I was being crowded in on by sublime coincidence this suddenly felt of intimate import. I had been hanging out with professed Space-Time Magician Ken Downie of The Black Dog, some of whose insights finally pulled the carpet out from under my feet and sent me spiralling loose into a void of zero reference. One of the first things I did when struggling to grip onto reality was ditch the Nike Air’s. “

Fascinating dropping-of-the-veil here from our Matt. He’s right: shoes are more important than they look and not just for camp reasons. They’re our primary means of connecting with the earth, physically — which means they’re our primary means of connecting with the earth, spiritually as well. There is an interesting contrast here between Matt’s historic rejection of the Nike Air, with its solipsistic swoosh, and his recent adoption of the Converse All-Stars, with their pop-culture pentagram — itself a universal symbol of earthed transcendence, everywhere from Angkor Wat and Cancun to, well, North London.

The influence of epic strange-attractor Ken Downie shouldn’t be underestimated. Indeed, their burgeoning relationship was no doubt partly inspired by Matt’s progress to an eschatonic point of no-return — the identification of which I will leave obscure out of respect for Matt. But as an aside, let’s big up Matt for his mention on the Black Dog’s website as both a friend and resident Film Director. Wicked!

Also on this note, I’m pleased to say that the Dust Science record label website is now up. And it includes, I am pleased to say, the biographical entry for the Black Dog — we’re planning to release new material from him. I was going to call up Matt for general advice and background information about the Black Dog but found that the bio seemed to write itself in the most peculiar way — it was only afterwards that I realised that Matt was part of the Black Dog massive! I look forward to the release with some excitement.

Rockports are superb shoes BTW. Supremely comfortable and work with almost any trousers, but particularly suits. I’ve worn one pair of shoes and one pair of boots out on projects — I’m now halfway through my third pair!

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