Back in from the sunshine

I presume and hope no-one’s been hitting the blogs what with all the fabulous weather we’ve been having.

Personally I’ve fallen deeply in love with a new hobby that’s likely in the end to eclipse my interest in shiny circles of black plastic. Specifically, in the last two weeks I’ve discovered GARDENING. It’s the fucking bomb!

I’m trying to grow Rocket from seed — first time I’ve really tried to “grow” anything. I’ve always been more in the mode of a “Fisher King” giver of death=life or a Schumpeterian “gale of creative destruction” — i.e. I cut back and destroy to create space for new life. Now I’ve got a neat windowbox filled with peat and neatly planted seeds. I’m terrified they’ll just rot in the pot. If all goes to plan I should be in homegrown rocket salad til the end of the summer.

Whether any of this suburban paganism will obviate any of my more self-destructive tendencies I don’t know but here’s hoping I won’t spend every night of the spring obsessively making breakbeats…

Anyway. Pictures soon when I can work out how to do it.