Eamon Vs Kanya

Kanye West is OK. I particularly like that record with the bit with all the fast rapping that people were slagging off last week. Though how anyone can see that much difference in “niceness” / objectionability between Kanye and Jurassic Five is beyond me.

However, that Eamon tune! Whaddarecord! Seeing him on ToTP and PopWorld* really did it for me — him and his mate being cheeky over what they used to call a soppy record. Heck, never mind Brooklyn, it coulda been made in Croydon! There’s no higher praise than that! It pisses all over Kanye West! It really reminds me of the late, sadly lost East17. (Has there EVER been a better Christmas record that wasn’t produced by Phil Spector than Stay Another Day? Has there EVER been a better invocation of a teenage Pan than Steam?)

I’ll probably get the Kanye album some time — I mean, how often does Matt rave about record that firecely? Well, a record you can atually go out and buy, anyway… — but the website is blingbling bollocks. Not what I was expecting at all!

I doubt they’ve got it in them to do anything else that’s as good. For the moment, Eamon, rules.

* You can date the arrival of POP as a renewed form to the launch of PopWorld. I think. Either that or Take That’s take on ReLight My Fire. Probably contemporaneous, actually — I wasn’t paying attention.