Street Tuff.

tufluv///: “Surely I can’t be the only person here who really likes General Levy & M-Beat’s ‘Incredible’. Gwan, listen to it jungle snobs. Rebel MC did some wicked breakbeat tunes too, namely ‘Wickedest Sound’. ///”

No you’re not — but you might be the last person here to admit to liking Incredible. Which is, always has been, and always will be, a work of genius, both lyrically and musically. MIDI breakbeats have never sounded so good. The only reason they got slapped down, IIRC, was cos Levy kept on calling himself King of the Jungle, when according to Goldie and Grooverider, he wasn’t. Nevertheless, it’s been a floor-filler ever since. As has M-Beat’s similarly wonderful re-work of Jamiroquai’s Do You Know Where You’re Coming From. Eden, for example, still foams at the mouth at the mention of Jamiroquai, despite his Destiny’s Child records. Do You features what is perhaps the best 808-sub melodic bassline of any record not made by 4Hero.

I scarcely need to mention Rebel MC. I am not aware of a bad record by him. People talk about his son doing some dodgy remixes but I’m not convinced. He is of course an icon in my house. I genuflect before the altar of Congo Natty on a daily basis.

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