WOEBOT makes good on the RAP proposition

WOEBOT: “I’m kicking myself that I sold my copy of ‘Bite This’, man that is one bumbaclaat track! I’m stalking a copy at the moment. “

Great to see Matt filling in the details of my proposition that the best way of understanding “Grime” is through the prism of it being a return to / deviation form Rap. (An aside — Rap or hip hop? Hmmmm…). He does it extremely well. He also does a good job of suggesting some key records in grime’s historical evolution.

I would just like to point out that I have a copy of Bite This on an ancient compo I was given by someone (hope they don’t want it back). I stuck it on my 80s Mix cd “Fake It Til You Make It” (done WAY before it was fashionable to do the 80s, folks!). It is a “good bit” and segues into Art of Noise.