New garage mix! 2step heaven volume 2

2stepheaven volume 2
New mix of classic 2step is now out! Been waiting for the warm weather to come back. It’s hot today so it’s now OUT. Music to play in your car.

It’s here.

All vinyl, one edit. More mixes here.

Groove Chronicles: Life is what you make it (DPR 1998)
El B Feat Reis and Dee: Keep the Love (Scorpion Records)
MJ Cole: Bandalero Desperado (El-B VIP mix) (Talkin Loud 2000)
Sevi G / El B: Beautiful Music (Dub Mix) (Vinylocity 2000)
Ghost: The Club (Ghost 2000)
Ghost: Lyrical Tempo (Ghost 2001)
El B: Serious (Locked On 2001)
Ruff Cut Bias: Down (Locked On 2000)
Groove Chronicles: Faith In You (DPR 1998)
Sonrisa: Grooving Me (Splash It Like Champagne Mix) (Public Demand 2000)
Sevi G / Groove Chronicles: In the Air Tonight (2 Step Mix) (White)
Shade Sheist Feat Nate Dogg: Where I Wanna Be (Dub-A-Holics R&B Switch Mix – Explicit Version) (Public Demand 2001)
De La Soul: Ain’t All Good: MJ Cole Remix (Tommy Boy Music 2000)
Victor Romeo: Love Will Find A Way (Ray Hurley & Mark Yardley Dub Mix) Public Demand 1998
Ramsey and Fen: Love Bug (Bug Records 1998)
The Bomb Squad: Bad Acid (Big Kid Productions 2000)
Kevin Real Deal: Breaking Rocks (White 1998)
The Bomb Squad: No Dub (Big Kid Productions 2000)
Monie Love: Slice of Da Pie (El B Remix) 1999
Groove Chronicles: Be Happy (White, 1999)
Angie Lee: What’s Your Name? (MJ Cole Master Mix) (WEA 1999)
Roll: Let it Roll (White, 1999)

Playing in Manchester Friday 11th!

I am playing in Manchester on Friday 11th at Band on the Wall.

The line up is AMAZING!

Dusk and Blackdown playing Margin’s Music live – I remixed the album, got them into Ableton, now they’re playing it out! But with a massive twist – they’ve got a whole live band too, including Farah. AAAAAAAANNDD… their show is featuring Durrty Goodz!!!! Being on the same line up as Durrty Goodz is an ambition fulfilled 🙂

But that’s not all… there’s United Vibes (LHF Vibzin), Scratcha DVA, AND Starkey, who is absolutely fantastic live! I’m so glad to be playing with him again. He’s electrifying!

Dunno when I’m on – probably fairly low down the bill given how big the names are – but it’s going to be a massive night!

£10 to get in. 9.30 kick off. Tickets on sale now from here.

Free downloads going up on Bandcamp

I’ve got a page on Bandcamp for free downloads.

I’ve got a load of tunes now, too many for any future album. I’m going to give away some of the better ones.

There might be some paid-for ones in the future. I also want to start hosting dubz in there too when I work it out.

I’m at

I’ve got two tracks up so far. Darkness is that folk / garage tune that Mary Anne played and which was up on my site for a while. It’s good, I’d do a better mixdown now though. There’s a load more folk tunes I want to do. There’s an Eliza Carthy sample that’s been going through my head for months, for example.

Erzulie is this wonky thing that’s the companion piece to Harpy (on the flip of Soundclash).

There’ll probably be some funky up there soon.

Soundclash full release is here

Soundclash artwork is here. It looks amazing. The photography was specially comissioned and is of a little corner of London that us of great personal and psychogeographical importance to me. Very happy about this!

Chatter for 2009-10-21

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Chatter for 2009-10-20

  • he's still ALL CAPS (via @gervasedewilde) all caps no goodz #
  • @LoufromBilbao get yr Twitter friends to quite it unattributed 🙂 in reply to LoufromBilbao #
  • Everyone checked Idle Hands, the hot new label out of Bristol's wonderful Rooted Records? Heavy post garage / funky / 'step business. #
  • @boomnoise wow. just 1 of those influences is usually enough! respect in reply to boomnoise #
  • @LoufromBilbao yup, non attributable precis FTW 🙂 in reply to LoufromBilbao #
  • @donrosco it's through baked goods so it should be easy to get hold of. Will be in at boomkat, rooted, juno etc. No direct – too lazy! in reply to donrosco #
  • New dirty rnb dub tune at 140… Girl you know it's true… Sounding really grimey and fat #
  • New broken techno thing us good but a bit, well, fucked #

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Chatter for 2009-10-19

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Chatter for 2009-10-18

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Chatter for 2009-10-17

  • So. Have time tonight. Do I finish more tunes? Or spin old house records? Suspect the latter :). #
  • Actually, last nite was a very crunchy halfstep ting called girl u know it's true. It's unoriginal but it's great! I think. Garage versh too #
  • Did a fantastic vinyl mix of 90s house tonight. Recording fucked up 🙁 #
  • @cntrstdj what was breakage like then? in reply to cntrstdj #
  • @UnknownSoulja wicked. Loser is such a choon! But move down low VIP is better 🙂 in reply to UnknownSoulja #
  • @SteakhouseBeats I'll probably have another go at the 90s house mix. Was bummed to find it was borked cos it was really fluid! in reply to SteakhouseBeats #
  • Lv and @rubidan have done a fantastic karnival style funky / garage tune with a dubstep flip. Looking for a home. Djs holla for a copy #
  • At climbing wall with couple of kids. Waiting in crisp air for it to open. Get it together hippies! #
  • Cup of tea and Synth Britannia again (via @TheBlackDog) japan's ghosts was fantastic #

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