FACT puts Ice Rink Remix in its Tracks of the week

ice rink

I mised this at the time… FACT bigging up the Ice Rink remix. You can hear this on the myspace and on the mix for Crazy Legs club. I am playing a Crazy Legs soon, on the 31st, so you can hear it on a big system then.


“Woofah magazine co-editor and the man behind one of last year’s most underrated albums, Belief is the Enemy, has been foraging into UK Funky productions lately, and they’re fantastic. If you’ve heard Kode 9’s recent sets you’ll have heard GA’s edit of ‘Loser’, which is coming out soon on a white label under an alias, but his remixes of Wiley’s classic ‘Ice Rink’ step things up even further. The instrumental is good, but it’s all about the Riko version, which keeps the original’s alien squelches and clashes, mutates the best vocal from the original 12″s, and pretty much pisses all over the entire Major Lazer album.”

Thanks Tom!

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