Chatter for 2009-07-19

  • @ramadub what did you play at dubwar? in reply to ramadub #
  • Black Ops周辺は当時学生だった事とか、データ販売が普及していなかったこともあって買い逃しまくったなー。しかも今更見つからない・・・ (via @quarta330) dunno wot it means but BLACK OPS #
  • @ramadub you legend. But WHAT did you play? What style did u go for? in reply to ramadub #
  • @smutlee mail me and I'll link you to ice rink in reply to smutlee #
  • Feel terrible. Only erykah keeping me going. So many tunes I want to refix #
  • Loving the Paul Morley composition tv prog right now. I need to get me a keyboard. Use a chord in one of my tunes… #
  • @crazylegsclub just a bug in reply to crazylegsclub #
  • Watching Biggie freestyles on youtube. (via @DJTayo) showed this to my 4 yo, he was into it #
  • Sprawled on sofa sipping lemsip and listening to aphrodite. Considering a refix. #

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